Twelve on Tumblr Tuesday


I love Tumblr.
It is a fun place to just post a ton of photos that you adore.
Who could not like it?

So, I am going to start posting my favorite photos from my Tumblr account every Tuesday.
Hope you all enjoy!

1. girl holding a tree.

2. Home Alone **classic**

 3. everything happens for a reason.

4. i would like to follow those balloons...

5. miss emma stone looking oh-so-lovely!

6. oh mickey, you always had my heart. <3

 7. introducing: a new iPhone 4(eating). ;)

8. dakota + elle fanning. 

9. do NOT forget this ... ok?!

10. michelle as marilyn. 

11. silhouettes for bedroom decor.

12. so many of us do. ;)

these were my must have twelve from the past week.
did you have any favorites?

happy tuesday.

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