EVERY single day.


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Every day, we have a choice.
We can let fear of something that really is small compared to the greatness of God cripple us.
OR ...
we can take a risk,
do something to help someone else,
make a person smile,
change someone's world.
Life to the fullest exists.
It's available.
All we have to do is decide to get up and embrace it.
-Katie Davis, (Kisses from Katie)

let's do this together. this thing called life.


Community matters.
People matter.
You matter.
Love is what binds us.
My hope is that we would learn to love and grow together.
Because doing life without others is not only lonely, but impossible.
I pray that, though our hearts may be troubled and broken, we remember to trust in a Father who is always faithful.
I sadly did not get to attend The Influence Conference this year.
However, I was lucky enough to read blog posts from so many lovely ladies who did.
There was one thing that Casey said that resonated in my mind over and over.
It is this:
"Your mess can be your ministry."
It is a reminder that our struggles, our unthinkable journey, our moments of undesireable pain and pure joy can ALL be used for His glory.
The paths we take in life happen for a reason.
Though our hearts may wander, the Lord of Lords is always near.
I hope you all find rest in that today.
much love, friends.

bits + pieces.


i'm not sure if this post means i'll be back to blogging again,
but i did feel like sharing snippets from this past week.
much love.