my feelings when I woke up...


This morning has been a bit rough on me.
I am extremely stressed about whether or not I will get the job at the hospital.
I went in to shadow on Wednesday afternoon.
I found out yesterday that they are having another girl shadow today.
: /
I don't really know what will happen, but it just kind of put me in low spirits to start off with this morning.

Then on top of that ... I have been very sensitive about all of my friends getting married, having babies, enjoying their careers.
There are moments that I am content being single & realize that when the appropriate time arrives, then I will have those things as well.
It is just hard sometimes.

Plus, I have been thinking a lot about a past relationship that I had.
We knew each other for like 6 years and dated off and on in between that time.
It wasn't that he was a horrible guy.
We just wanted two very different things in life.
I had a lot going on, as did he.
I have come to terms with that never working.
However, my heart becomes a little sad because he has been the only man in my life that I felt genuinely loved me for me.
He didn't want me to change me or the way I looked.
I know he cared for me, as I did for him.
We would never have lasted in the long run.
The older I get the more I realize just how hard reality can be.
We were just two very different people, heading in two different directions.

All that to say that I wonder if I will get all the things that my heart desires.
I realize that patience is very important ... especially for females and dealing with this kind of stuff.
It just isn't always easy to have patience.

Anyways, sorry for that bit of a rant there.
Everything happens for a reason & things come in due time!
I really do believe that.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, friends!
much love, colie.

long(er) hair, goals, & zooey + joe.


my hair is getting longer... ;)

Hello, hello!
It is that lovely time of the year where one ends and a new one is about to begin.
Joy. :)
Which at times I feel is a bit sad.
We shouldn't wish our life away in any way, and yet we do it all the time. : /
I mean so many of us say, "I don't regret my past, it has made me who I am." or "Life is so short, let's enjoy the here and now."
I obviously think both of those statements are quite true.
I tend to feel that way most of the time.
However, I really think it would be best for us to remember to reflect on the good and bad memories from this past year.
I mean, can you believe how much happens in a whole year.
Some of us are in the very same place we started, and many of us are quite far from it.
We should take the time to ask ourselves how those situations help shape us into who we have become at the end of 2011.
With all that being said, I am truly looking forward to 2012, folks!
A new year always brings us new possibilities, new hope.
To me it feels like that first day of the new year gives us an opportunity to start fresh, to write a new chapter.
I can't wait for it to start! :)

Now, I would like to share with you a list of goals I would like to complete at this time NEXT year!
It is fun and challenging! -- which means you should all give it a try. ;)


*get a tattoo
*write at least 1 chapter to a book
*take a LOT more photos
*read at least 12 books
*get organized
*face my problems, not run from them
*learn to speak French
*travel more
*make more time for the people in my life
*make some "blogging" friends. :)
*learn at least one song on the guitar
*do something that scares me
*buy a few more dresses
*take singing lessons
*trust others more ... maybe.
*go on a mission trip
*lose 30 pounds
*make plans for a trip to europe!
*be more understanding with my family
*believe in myself more
*become a penpal ... ya know, with good ole fashioned snail mail. ;)
*watch the hunger games (come on, march 23!!!)
*learn to swim ... yes, yes ... i can't swim. : /
*attempt some DIY projects/cooking
*be a vegetarian for a week
*do NOT cut my hair for any reason ... (except to trim off my dead ends!)
*& a lot more surprises along the way!

much love, colie

ps. i wanted to leave you with the video below of zooey deschanel & joseph-gordon levitt singing.
it pritty much made my whole night.
i adore them both so much!

check out what zooey had to say about her friendship with joe right here.

summer + fall


Just a few of my highlights in 2011:

jordan helping jayson open gifts for his 5th birthday! 

i love old movie theaters. 

i was so grateful when there were only a few days of summer left! 

it was a beatles kinda day. ;)

aunt libby & sweet baby chase!! 

oh, frank. i still love your voice!

right after jordan's wedding! so much fun & love that day. 

kathryn & i on thanksgiving!

alex laughing. aww, i love my nephew!

out checking the mail. ;)

i LOVE these lovely ladies!

another rainy day. <3

libby reading @ our favorite bookstore. :)

 i love this girl more than words could describe...

 my adorable nephew seeing his baby brother for the first time! :D


red toes & zebra flip flops. life is good. 

adele eat your heart out, sister. ;)
ps. this was right before jordan's wedding & i was kind of crushing on my own hair.
this never happens.
i know ... sad, but true!

awww!! i freakin' LOVE this photo. 
my baby brother holding his son!

I realized that I did not have many winter photos ... probably because it hasn't really felt like it yet. 
I will have more photos in the coming months, though! 
All with warm sweaters, gloves, boots, and of course.... SCARVES!! ;)

much love, colie

Out and about on a windy day...


 isn't this the cutest darn bookstore?? :)

brittany & i ... known each other since we were 5! 

This afternoon was pritty great!
An old friend from elementary school asked if I wanted to hang out for a bit and catch up.
It is so strange to have known someone your whole life, but rarely see them.
I mean if I actually sat down to think about it, we have known each other for almost 20 years!
Which is super strange consider we are only in our mid-twenties.

Anyhoo, Brittany is such a lovely lady.
She is funny and so easy to be around!
Plus, she has the sweetest little family made up of her, her husband, their son, AND one more on the way!
Yup! She is preggers!
I just found out today & was beyond excited for her!! :)

We got to hang out at a local bookstore in our little downtown area.
It is a cool place to hang out!
Quiet, comfortable, and full of books.
Plus, it has one of those old spiral staircases that you can go up. I always feel like a little kid when I get to climb that thing. ;)

We both bought some books for super cheap! -- Awesome, I know. :)
Then we grabbed some coffee to warm us up for the awfully windy weather today.
Afterwards, we sat down in the back of the bookstore to catch up on the past THREE years!!

It was a blast!
We were laughing so hard. :)
It was nice to have someone to chat with about all of the ups and downs of life.
It was also great hearing how other people from the "good ole days" were doing.

I can't believe how time flies by so fast!
So much happens in so short of time ...
& it reminds me to be grateful for even the small moments I get to share with friends.

I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!
much love, colie.

Tumblr Tuesday

It's Tuesday, folks. 
Tumblr time! 
(ps. these are all from my tumblr account, but if you want credit for one of your photos below just let me know!) 

doesn't this sound lovely? :)

i bet this is what peter pan always imagined. 

new york, my love. 

if you can not find waldo ... you may need some glasses. ;)


 love knows NO distance. :)

 oh, adele. 

can i stay here, please??

tattooed lovebirds. <3

bahaha. this was the "tweet of the week" for me, folks!

this is where i need to be blogging. 

this was all kinds of wonderful!

enough said!

wasn't marlon handsome? :)

painful movie to watch. wonderful performances. crushing on guillaume canet!

i really love the 'forever young' script, the snow falling in NY, & the beautiful tent.
which were your favorites??

happy tuesday!

much love, colie. 

My Christmas present.


For all that is good in this world, can we PLEASE talk about how:




oh, katniss ... peeta. 
i'm sorry. i can't.
i have NO words. 


PS. Yes, I am one of "those" people. The ones who become obsessed with fictional characters. : / It may be sad, but so very true. 

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve.


Hello, hello.
I've been extremely busy this week, thus meaning I am also extremely exhausted. : /
BUT! being productive is good so I really shouldn't complain.

So, this holiday season has been a bit weird for me.
Typically right after Thanksgiving it is like BOOM! I'm in holiday season/christmas mode!

taken on my instagram of jordan's beautiful wreath + tree. 

Not this year, though.
Maybe it was the lack of family around or finances on top of that, but it just never felt like "christmas" once this past month. Which is a bit sad, but I feel that it is just one of those times in life that we have to be grateful for even the same things.
To remember the true meaning of Christmas. :)

Anyhoo, I sat down for an early christmas dinner with my mom & the girls last night.
It was fun, even with just the four of us.
We laughed, joked, & got our bellies really full. :)
Oh, & I might add that I actually helped cook the food!
(no applause needed, but I won't stop you if you decide you want to) ;)

my sister + momma. **her new KINDLE FIRE she received from my grandpa. :)
am i jealous? well, let's not talk about that right now. : /

amber & i right before getting our bellies full. 

My friend Kim thought she would be able to travel from Dallas up to my small, country town in Arkansas.
Sadly, we were unable to make that happen.
Which kind of broke my heart.
Do you know those friendships that you absolutely don't know who you would be without them?
Real, true, honest friendships?
Well, that's what I have with Kim.
She is a sister to me. I love her dearly and wish that we saw each other more often!
My friendship with her helps me to be a better person.
I am hoping that shortly after the New Year that I will have to opportunity to travel farther south and visit her for a few days. & oh, how I miss Dallas! <3

two summers ago. 
backyard bbq @ the house.

Now, onto a brighter note... I just got a phone call from the hospital today.
(I just realized that for most people reading this that your instant reaction would be .."how in the world could that be good news?" ha.)
I did my first interview for a pharmacy tech position last Friday & then went in for my second interview this past Tuesday.
I must be honest ... the interview was awful.
I was so nervous, folks. Ugh.
BUT! as luck would have it, I got a phone call today asking if I'd like to stop by next week to shadow and see if I like the job!! :D
Woot, woot!
I'm not quite sure what that means, but at least they called me back, right?!!
**please be keeping your fingers crossed for me on this job. it pays more, i'm guaranteed 40+ hours, benefits, & off every weekend! -- life would definitely be swell for miss flores!**

Also, I need to mention that I finally sat down to watch "Midnight in Paris".

isn't this poster just lovely?! :D

Oh! -- & how I loved it!
It was so wonderful.
That Woody Allen ... always knows how to make a lady swoon.
I could just fall in love with the city of Paris.
I'm quite serious. ;)
Owen Wilson did a marvelous job & the ending was simple, yet perfect.
Oh ... & hearing french has always been the most beautiful, sweetest language to me.
I think I may need to learn it this coming year! 
So please watch this movie asap!

Quickly ... while I am on the topic of movies, I must mention that I am going to see 'We Bought a Zoo' when it comes out Christmas Day. 
You should too. 
Well... maybe not ON christmas, but before the New Year!

I wish you all the happiest of holidays!
Merry, merry christmas.

much love,

For you, Kimmie. :)


This evening I went with one of my dear friends to do last minute Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart.
Please remind me NOT to do that next year!
Jordan & I almost pulled our hair out. : /

Anyways, afterwards she & her boys were headed to church with her husband.
I got in my car & headed home.
The whole ride to my house my heart just ached.
I started to whisper the sweet name of "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."
It helped to put my heart at rest.

I miss church.
When I say church I am not just speaking of the growth in my walk with the Lord, (because I strive for that everyday), but I miss having family, a support system.
I  miss community.
I miss having a place to run to when all other doors are closed in my face.
I yearn for that peace in my life again.

I once read where Shane Claiborne said that his liberal friends saw him as conservative and his conservative friends saw him as liberal.
I laugh every time I read that.
I feel quite similar to that at times.
I am a very open-minded person, yet hold the teachings of God close to my heart everyday.

Please let me define open-minded for you:
I am open to my LOVE for ALL people.
Do I agree with every choice or lifestyle they choose?
No. Absolutely not.
Do I still love them?
YES! for that is what Jesus did.
He loved.
Especially those that the world did not.
I will never be close having the heart of Jesus, but I do have Jesus IN my heart.
For that, I can say that my life is far sweeter than I could ever possibly give words to.

I have tattoos, I sometimes say "pissed", I listen to both christian & secular music, I laugh all the time, I try to always be myself - even if that means not everyone will like me, I love encouraging others, I adore hugs, I like getting to know people, sometimes I get frustrated, I go out for a drink once in a blue moon, I cry, I like awkwardness (makes life a little more interesting), and I may be a little different that what the world labels "normal", but guess what?

God loves those things about me.
He knows me.
He knows I am NOT perfect.
I am flawed.
I'm full of mistakes.
& yet I am still on this journey with Him.
I love Jesus!
I am not defined to live life inside a box that the world has created for myself ... or for God.

I know God is leading me to a church that is right for me.
I will continue to pray & be patient.

I long for His presence ... for the Holy Spirit.

much love,

Converse + Rain + Movie


I slept horribly last night.
Which was such a shame since the night before I had a full 8 hours of sleep.
It was kinda magically.
Really. :)

Today was a bit rainy & gloomy.
Mom, the girls, and I went out to eat pizza for lunch this afternoon.
Then stopped to do some last minute holiday shopping!
I was so exhausted, but had a lot of fun.

Afterwards, I took a nap for a bit.
I had a job interview @ 5:30 this evening.
It was a strange time for an interview, but yeah.
I was extremely nervous.
It didn't help that there were FIVE people in the interview asking me questions.
So nerve racking!!
Fingers crossed for this job, though.
Full-time, off every weekend, benefits after 90 days, and no one-on-one patient interaction!

When I was finally done with my interview, I drove home to meet up with mom and libs.
We had decided early to go to the theater to watch Sherlock Holmes, but at the last minute we changed it to New Year's Eve.

I was happy to see either one.
I'm really glad we ended up watching New Year's Eve, though.
Most people think those type of movies (like Valentine's Day) are awful.
& to be honest ... they aren't the BEST movies, but I love them!
This movie had an amazing cast + New York City + funny + endearing = New Year's Eve!

It was kinda more than perfect for me. :)
Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!
much love, colie.

ps. the out takes that run during the credits are HILARIOUS!! :) truly.

Twelve on Tumblr Tuesday

I love Tumblr.
It is a fun place to just post a ton of photos that you adore.
Who could not like it?

So, I am going to start posting my favorite photos from my Tumblr account every Tuesday.
Hope you all enjoy!

1. girl holding a tree.

2. Home Alone **classic**

 3. everything happens for a reason.

4. i would like to follow those balloons...

5. miss emma stone looking oh-so-lovely!

6. oh mickey, you always had my heart. <3

 7. introducing: a new iPhone 4(eating). ;)

8. dakota + elle fanning. 

9. do NOT forget this ... ok?!

10. michelle as marilyn. 

11. silhouettes for bedroom decor.

12. so many of us do. ;)

these were my must have twelve from the past week.
did you have any favorites?

happy tuesday.