a day in the dumps + a little sunshine.


yesterday afternoon my mom & i were out and about in town.
at one point we were talking about everyone getting sick.
& i say, "i haven't gotten sick at all lately."
(then i pretended to knock on wood because i had no real wood)

i'm sure you are all aware of where this is headed.
i obviously spoke too soon.
because just as fate would have it...
i woke up in the wee hours of the morning with an awful sore throat.


this was how i looked for most of the day:

sore throat = no fun. : /

for a good hour i just felt completely drained.
i honestly could have slept for hours.

however, my mom thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk.
which i was all for ... especially considering the ridiculous 58* weather we were having.
i'm glad it wasn't freezing for the walk, but ...
i mean, really?
i hate dislike the weather very much sometimes. 
it is freezing one day & then i'm sweating the next.
i wish it would make up its mind.
sorry .. i'm complaining. : /
i really did enjoy the two miles. 
it was good for me!

afterwards, we headed up to the school to get the girls.
they finished up the last of their semester tests today.
officially on christmas break!
& they are oh-so-excited about that. :)

now i am enjoying the awesomeness that is 'the big bang theory'.
i love sheldon. 
i do wish that penny & leonard would get back together, though.

i am actually feeling much better than i did this morning.
i hope you had a great thursday. 

much love, colie

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