Happy Christmas Eve, Eve.


Hello, hello.
I've been extremely busy this week, thus meaning I am also extremely exhausted. : /
BUT! being productive is good so I really shouldn't complain.

So, this holiday season has been a bit weird for me.
Typically right after Thanksgiving it is like BOOM! I'm in holiday season/christmas mode!

taken on my instagram of jordan's beautiful wreath + tree. 

Not this year, though.
Maybe it was the lack of family around or finances on top of that, but it just never felt like "christmas" once this past month. Which is a bit sad, but I feel that it is just one of those times in life that we have to be grateful for even the same things.
To remember the true meaning of Christmas. :)

Anyhoo, I sat down for an early christmas dinner with my mom & the girls last night.
It was fun, even with just the four of us.
We laughed, joked, & got our bellies really full. :)
Oh, & I might add that I actually helped cook the food!
(no applause needed, but I won't stop you if you decide you want to) ;)

my sister + momma. **her new KINDLE FIRE she received from my grandpa. :)
am i jealous? well, let's not talk about that right now. : /

amber & i right before getting our bellies full. 

My friend Kim thought she would be able to travel from Dallas up to my small, country town in Arkansas.
Sadly, we were unable to make that happen.
Which kind of broke my heart.
Do you know those friendships that you absolutely don't know who you would be without them?
Real, true, honest friendships?
Well, that's what I have with Kim.
She is a sister to me. I love her dearly and wish that we saw each other more often!
My friendship with her helps me to be a better person.
I am hoping that shortly after the New Year that I will have to opportunity to travel farther south and visit her for a few days. & oh, how I miss Dallas! <3

two summers ago. 
backyard bbq @ the house.

Now, onto a brighter note... I just got a phone call from the hospital today.
(I just realized that for most people reading this that your instant reaction would be .."how in the world could that be good news?" ha.)
I did my first interview for a pharmacy tech position last Friday & then went in for my second interview this past Tuesday.
I must be honest ... the interview was awful.
I was so nervous, folks. Ugh.
BUT! as luck would have it, I got a phone call today asking if I'd like to stop by next week to shadow and see if I like the job!! :D
Woot, woot!
I'm not quite sure what that means, but at least they called me back, right?!!
**please be keeping your fingers crossed for me on this job. it pays more, i'm guaranteed 40+ hours, benefits, & off every weekend! -- life would definitely be swell for miss flores!**

Also, I need to mention that I finally sat down to watch "Midnight in Paris".

isn't this poster just lovely?! :D

Oh! -- & how I loved it!
It was so wonderful.
That Woody Allen ... always knows how to make a lady swoon.
I could just fall in love with the city of Paris.
I'm quite serious. ;)
Owen Wilson did a marvelous job & the ending was simple, yet perfect.
Oh ... & hearing french has always been the most beautiful, sweetest language to me.
I think I may need to learn it this coming year! 
So please watch this movie asap!

Quickly ... while I am on the topic of movies, I must mention that I am going to see 'We Bought a Zoo' when it comes out Christmas Day. 
You should too. 
Well... maybe not ON christmas, but before the New Year!

I wish you all the happiest of holidays!
Merry, merry christmas.

much love,

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