summer + fall


Just a few of my highlights in 2011:

jordan helping jayson open gifts for his 5th birthday! 

i love old movie theaters. 

i was so grateful when there were only a few days of summer left! 

it was a beatles kinda day. ;)

aunt libby & sweet baby chase!! 

oh, frank. i still love your voice!

right after jordan's wedding! so much fun & love that day. 

kathryn & i on thanksgiving!

alex laughing. aww, i love my nephew!

out checking the mail. ;)

i LOVE these lovely ladies!

another rainy day. <3

libby reading @ our favorite bookstore. :)

 i love this girl more than words could describe...

 my adorable nephew seeing his baby brother for the first time! :D


red toes & zebra flip flops. life is good. 

adele eat your heart out, sister. ;)
ps. this was right before jordan's wedding & i was kind of crushing on my own hair.
this never happens.
i know ... sad, but true!

awww!! i freakin' LOVE this photo. 
my baby brother holding his son!

I realized that I did not have many winter photos ... probably because it hasn't really felt like it yet. 
I will have more photos in the coming months, though! 
All with warm sweaters, gloves, boots, and of course.... SCARVES!! ;)

much love, colie

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