Friday Favorites


it is almost midnight, BUT i have finally gotten all (well... almost all) of my favorite things from this week. -- hope you enjoy!

first, i just want to start off by saying that the first blog i really started reading, which got me interested in the blog world, is by danielle. she is so lovely. her posts are always encouraging and thoughtful. her weekend links gave me the idea for the friday favorites. so please pop on over and say hello.

ok ... ok ... i know that you won't all know this right now, BUT! i am a book worm. i'd rather read books than watch movies. yes..i'm one of "those". ha. -- so when miss lauren gave her thoughts on the hunger games novel,  mockingjay ... well, let's just say it took all i had not to jump up off my bed, run across the house, grab book 1, and begin the whole series over again!

i love the holidays. friends & family getting together. so sweet. & i absolutely adored katie's fancy christmas party.

lately, i have been attempting to complete several DIY projects. this one is now on my list! love, love, love!

victoria's fab friday made me laugh and think about  'the wizard of oz'!

i really like scarves. you may come to know this soon. however, i also really like headbands. this mustard-yellow-flower headband is a MUST! :)

i think all women need to learn to love themselves. & i'm preaching to the choir, folks. & most importantly to like their bodies. miss tanesha is definitely curvy -- and quite gorgeous. this outfit is everything i adore. she pulls it off flawlessly.

i try my best not to go "searching" for new blogs. i already have a few that i read on a daily basis. & frankly i'm afraid if i find too many that i like then it will be a never ending venture! however, lauren schaefer is living in NYC ... a place i miss so dearly. & her blog is so funny, entertaining, and lovely. please check it out!

amber seems like the sweetest person in the whole world ... & adorable to boot! she has a ton of tattoos which is also very awesome! please pop on over & see all the tattoo art she has + what it means to her. -- oh, and feel free to read the rest of her blog! she doesn't disappoint!

this past weekend i watched 'the help' & 'the debt' ... both starring an actress that i'm starting to love more and more. jessica chastain is beautiful, breathtaking, and absolutely phenomenal in her performances.

i like food. i do, i do. & casey had some help from a friend on this homemade chicken pot pie. (i never thought i would say that pot pie looked so cute! ha)

last .. but not least, barney & his awesomeness. **side note: true 'how i met your mother' (himym) fans will really appreciate this photo. ;)

happy friday, folks!
it is now time for sleep.
night, night.
& much love!

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