i am extremely excited about this post today.
there is so much inspiration around me -- & i hope i can send a little your way, as well.

for those of you who do not know, i have a tumblr account.
on that account i follow miss dianna agron, otherwise known as charlie. ;)


i enjoy her posts on music, friends, life, and the arts.
i'm sure that you will too!

so dianna just kicked off a new website.
& after popping over last night, i truly felt inspired & encouraged!
if you decide you would like to feel the same then please click on the "about charlie" tab when you get there.
it will explain the name behind the person named "charlie".

taken from youmeandcharlie under "daily inspiration".

over the past couple of days i have been feeling musically inspired.
& of course being on (youmeandcharlie) last night, i stumbled upon miss emma louise.
i love her!

emma louise & a lovely birdie. :)

& on that note ... i stopped over on lauren's blog this morning.
boy, oh boy was i in for a lovely treat! :D
it is week 2 of the hunger games countdown & she did NOT disappoint.
her friend kate gave us a hunger games mixtape.

the mixtape was amazing! -- if you loved reading the books and fell in love with peeta & katniss, then please check out these posts. i promise you won't be disappointed. :) -- & if you haven't read the hunger games. please, PLEASE do so TODAY!! 
** i must say that if you have not read all three books yet, then i would not suggest you read any of lauren's hunger game posts, yet. -- you will find out far too much information, which won't make reading the novels as much fun. : /

ALSO,  just a heads up ... i know that kate had adele's "make you feel my love" by bob dylan on the list of songs, but i didn't find it on the actual playlist. so i decided to add the video below:

much love, colie.

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