My heart is heavy.
So. very. heavy.

The journey we travel has many paths.
I suppose mine keeps taking the ones I never thought it would have taken.
Through the hurt and tears, I can hear the small voice of Jesus calling me. 

He says. "I love you , my precious daughter. Please run to me. Please. I'm waiting."
That love, HIS love, is so overwhelming that quiet tears always fall when I least expect them.
He reminds me that though I am imperfect and flawed, that I am worthy of HIS love and grace.
Little ole me.

"I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." - Ephesians 4:1-2

I pray that this rocky journey I have been on, this season in my life, will soon pass.
Your sweet prayers would be greatly appreciated, dear friends.

I am wishing you all the happiest Monday.
If I am absent a bit over the weeks to come, please don't worry.
For, "this too shall pass....".

much love.

(While writing this post, I listened to KellyAnn's music monday
I hope you get the chance to do the same.)



[instagram: theplaidsparrow]

There are so many lovely blogs across the internet.
I swoon over a lot of them and secretly wish I were "real" friends with half of them.
I just refrain from saying so, because that is creepy and weird.

Anyways, I really should do this every week (or maybe even every other week) because there are so many fabulous things to share with you all!
So let's start:

I loved that Kylee shared this video from Paperback Weddings.
**I saw this video months ago and fell in love, while crying a puddle of tears. Srsly.

Just a sweet reminder that life is a beautiful journey.

I'm so grateful for the work Don did for my blog.
I also love seeing what is happening in the life of him and his sweet, little family.
Recently, he has accepted a job offer in Boston.

I adore this etsy shop by Kate.

Elizabeth looks stunning in this maxi dress!

Heidi is ALWAYS hilarious. Srsly.
See for yourself! :)

I adore Miss Lulu. Truly! <3

Katie was over on Tattoo Tuesday the other week.
I basically just swooned over all her lovely tattoos.
She is a doll!

When Jess & Rene made a trip to Baltimore, I about died when I saw the photo of the Barnes & Noble!

Before I jet off, please stop by and read Michelle's intermission post.
It will make you smile. :)
PS. Please being praying about grad school for her!

Happy weekend, friends.

Oh, to be Roseanne Roseannadanna!!

I did this post before I had any followers.
I was thinking about how crazy my hair has been in the mornings lately.
So, I thought I'd share again how my frizzy, awful hair reminds me of one funny lady!! :)

This photo had to be shared for many reasons, but I'll keep it short with just three. ;)

1. I love Emma Stone! She is absolutely hilarious, yet endearingly sweet.
2. Gilda Radner was one of the best actors on SNL. Period, folks.
3. Can we talk about Roseanne Roseannadanna?! :)
I have a such a great fondness of this character. I have naturally curly hair and growing up I would wake up and my hair would just be an absolute frizz-ball, disaster! (& it honestly still is most days) Without fail, my parents would look at me and say, "Good morning, Roseanne Roseannadanna!!"

I would stare at them dumbfounded because I kept thinking they were referring to me as Roseanne from the sitcom. I hated that! After a few years, it finally dawned on me who they were talking about. I have to say that though I was slightly confused at first, I don't mind knowing NOW that I was referred to as one of the best characters on SNL!! **I probably wasn't any where near as funny as her, but no one has to know that part. ;)

One of my favorites.

I have something special to share with you all! :)
Oh my!
I just watched it.
There was laughter.
There were tears.
There were moments I just wanted to give them both the biggest hugs.
Goodness, they are the cutest couple.
It is so beautiful to not only see a couple who obviously love each other immensely, but who are also in love with their Maker!!
I really adore Kelly Ann.
I randomly found her blog one day and fell in love.
I know you will too!
So please pop on over to her blog & stay awhile!!

much love.

Ridiculousness for my 100th post! :D


I have so much to say ... about nothing, really.
So enjoy! ;)

Ok, first of all ... the other night consisted of me catching up on the past four episodes of New Girl + the past two episodes of the The Office! -- So, my face hurt from laughing so hard before I finally crashed for the evening. ;)

Let me start off with saying that I am pretty much still IN LOVE with New Girl.

Zooey Deschanel is always so awkward and strange and funny ... goodness it makes my heart happy!!
Can we please talk about how awesome it is that Schmidt & CeCe are "together"?! Yup!! The greatest part is that they actually like each other, but pretend as if they don't because they think the other isn't wanting a "real relationship". Pure awesomeness and hilariousness ... the second one may not be a word, but I don't care. ;)

Also, though I do like Mr. Fancyman, or Russell (aka Dulmont Mulroney ... *swoon* for an older man, please! Thanks.) ...

... I am going to be OH-SO happy with Nick and Jess are finally together. They will probably wait until the end of the second season to keep us all holding on, but it IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! (I'm sorry that I am so obsessed over them getting together, but if you watch the show then you understand... I hope!)

**WARNING** ... If you do not watch this show ... plesae don't tell me. I'm not sure we can be friends. So, start watching it now or just lie to me. ;)

Now onto The Office, folks.
Alright ... so I have been an Office fan from Day 1.

I absolutely love their sense of humor. I've always heard it was one of those shows that people just loved or hated. Well, I obviously LOVED it! :D

I'm not kidding.

I can just watch a few minutes of the show or a screen cap and I am busting a gut! Its cray, I know.
For those of you who understand my feelings, do you remember when Jim liked Pam, but she was engaged to someone else? Do you remember the time when Jim and Pam were "just friends".

Pssh. I don't either.
They always loved each other.

I can't even talk about how amazing the wedding episode is because I wouldn't stop talking about it...

Plus, I seriously can't help "laughing out loud" (no joke) when I remember Dwight kicking the bridesmaid in the face!! Oh, man.

Do you remember how awesome it was when Jim and Dwight were constantly pranking each other??
The best was when Jim dressed as Dwight. Then, Dwight dressed up as Jim.

Oh my ... and do you remember how ridiculous Michael Scott was that one time .... oh, wait. That was EVERY episode. Nevermind.

Basically, do you remember when The Office was the most awesome thing on television??
Do ya?
I do.
& I miss it. :(

Don't get me wrong. I was definitely laughing at a few things during both episodes, but all I kept thinking was I really hope Michael Scott makes an appearance before the season is over to save the show!

And nothing exciting ever happens with Jim and Pam anymore. It literally breaks me heart. It's like they have no role on the show as a couple these days. Half the time Jim is doing is own thing. I am just holding onto hope that it was because Pam was preggo with their second baby this season. Maybe it will change next season?
Ugh. I dunno.
I can't even talk about it anymore.

I know a lot of you won't care about this post.
That's ok. I am just rambling.
However, if any of you do watch (or watched) either show, what is your opinion on them?

Happy Wednesday!

. . .


Ahead of them the land lies as beautiful as the Garden of Eden.
Behind them is nothing but desolation;
not one thing escapes.
-Joel 2:3



Hey there.
I feel like a week away from blogger is closer to a month. :(
So, it is time for a little update & some random thoughts.

[instagram: theplaidsparrow]
-Today I found out about a job opening and potentially having the opportunity to get it. :) It would pay a lot better + have a consistent work schedule! Amen. So please be saying a prayer or two for me starting ... NOW!! :D

-I had two cups of coffee today. 
Boy, oh boy did it make me oh-so happy! 

-I have been watching 'Supernatural'. I really enjoy watching it, but goodness... I can NOT watch it alone. That's all I'm saying. ;)

-I have been painting my nails all kinds of fun colors lately! I love it!! :D 
**see above**

-I went out to eat with my little sisters + Nathan last night. It was Prom for one of the local schools. I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely ladies in their gorgeous dresses. It made me miss high school...for just a moment. I definitely had fun at my Prom ... all those years ago. ;) ha. Good times.

-I wish I could style my curly hair as awesome as a woman I saw in the store today. I would NEVER straighten it if I could get it to look that good! Srsly. It was soo pretty. :)

-I was at work the other day & heard the ring tone from the Scream movies.
The one that means the killer is calling.
Yea. I freaked out for like, point two seconds.

-I have been thinking of ideas and looking up different types of tattoos that I am interested in.
I keep feeling the itch for a new one. 
Here's to hoping my birthday gets here ... faster! ;)
Would any of you get a tattoo (or want a new one)??

-I have been reading my bible a lot more lately.
It makes a difference.
My days are better.

-I really need a friend that loves sushi.

-I saw Snooki's new book. After reading the back cover + the dedication (with an added *fist pump*), I pretty much doubled over in laughter. 
That is all I can say about that, folks.

-I love getting emails from blogger friends. It makes me whole day! Truly.
(If I haven't returned an email, I promise to do it soon.)

-I have been wanting to watch 'Hook' all week. I'm not sure why.
So, I think I will go do that now.

I hope you are all had a fabulous week & enjoying your weekend!!!
I will be back tomorrow.
much love, friends.

One more thing...
I saw some photos of my nephews from a couple months ago.
It made me so happy that I just wanted to squeeze my phone as tight as I could, because that was the closest I could get to them. 
Goodness, I miss those boys so much.



Be joyful.
Be happy.
Be grateful.
Be gracious.
Be humble.
Be kind.
Be gentle.
Be love.

Exhaustion + winner.


I. am. so. exhausted.
It has been a very busy weekend.
I got to go hiking with Nathan on Friday.
It started off great ... until I didn't have any water to drink. :/
Then I was dehydrated and didn't think I would survive the 7 miles.
I did.
Then, Saturday was basically spent traveling.
I went on a mini roadtrip with friends from work.
Boy, oh boy.
That was a LONG trip.
It took us three FIVE hours to get there.
We were pretty much tired from sitting down for so long.
It was still a blast, though!!
There was a lot of laughing and shouting and being silly.
It doesn't matter what you do, or how exhuasted you are, as long as you are with peole that make you happy!
(and that goes for hiking or roadtrips.)
I'll be sure to post the few photos I took over the weekend, on my next post.

I hope you all are having a very lovely Sunday.
much love.

PS.  The winner of the Forever 21 gift card is:

Fun post! 1.) Happy to make a new friend
2.) Most looking forward to cute summer dresses & heres to hoping I get a tan to go with it.

Please email me at:!

the random thoughts of my life.


- Instagram-ed for the first day in a week yesterday. (breaks my heart)
- Got through an extremely stressful week last week
- Praying for direction, patience, and understanding
- Wishing so badly that I could just hop on a plane and travel the world!
- Missing my Dallas friends, oh-so much.
- Watched all the Scream movies. Had nightmares that someone was trying to kill me. Dumb decision. I know.
- Trying desperately NOT to cut my hair. (When it is at the "in between" stages, I just want to chop it off!!)
- The weather has been a bit chilly. It is making me miss the warm weather we were having around here. I suppose I didn't realize how grateful I should have been while we had it!
- Went to the gym the other day! I felt fantastic afterwards. :) I hope I continue doing so.
- Spicy Ranch Dressing is the BEST!!
- Coral & Mint fingernail polish is the cutest colors for spring.
- I remember how I read non-stop growing up. I wish I still did. I don't make the time anymore. :(
- I still LOVE coffee. (**prove below)

- I am getting four days off of work. It has been glorious so far.
- Zooey Deschanel and I should definitely be friends, along with Michelle Williams, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence. :)
- I want another tattoo. Srsly. Soon. I am thinking for my birthday next month!?
- Loving the fact that there are so many lovely women (and men) out there with encouraging, funny, and inspiring blogs.
- I dream about one day waking up and I being british. :)
- I have never liked my hands. They look old and wrinkled to me. :/
- I am looking forward to a fun roadtrip with friends this coming Saturday. It is much needed.
- I am going on a hike this morning and hoping I don't feel sore tomorrow.
- Bethany is coming home from Haiti in about 2 weeks, and I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER!! :D Srsly. I am pretty sure we are going to be great friends.
- I love Jesus. I'm glad he is my best friend.

That's it for now.
Nothing too exciting, but thanks for reading.
much love to you all!!
Happy Friday.

PS. If you haven't entered to win the giveaway for the $25 Forever 21 gift card, then you should.
Right here!
Today is the last day, btw.
Good luck!



Dear Zooey,

Can we please talk about how we should be friends?
I know you get a lot of requests for this and I completely understand.
I just want you to know that I am kind of funny, so maybe we have that in common?!

No? Ok.
Well I'm in love with your wardrobe. You wouldn't have to worry about me taking any of it though, because you are a lot smaller than me. ;)
Also, I need to figure out how to make my hair look as awesome as yours all the time, even when you aren't trying.

I think I would be able to give you some very good ideas for your show, 'New Girl'.
I mean, we all know at some point that Jess & Nick are going to FINALLY get together ... it will just take some time. You have to keep us hanging,
Right?! Right?! :)

Anyways, I'm sure you are very busy to be answering back some random blog message sent out for the whole world to see.
However, I just want you to know that a quote you said confirmed for me our hopeful-future-friendship:

"In an ideal world, no one would talk before 10am. 
People would just hug,
because waking up is really hard."

Thank you.
I'm not a morning person.
I try, I really do.
I think you stumbled upon something genius, though.
It is so much appreciated.
Now if only everyone would put it into practice!! ;)

much love, friend!

PS. I also love how you look like you fell out of a magazine from the 1950-1960's!


The third day.


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 
My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, 
your eyes saw my unformed body.
All the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be. 
-Psalm 139:14-16

Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you for loving me.
I wish I showed you the love you are worthy of everyday.
I fail most of the time.
I'm sorry.
Your grace covers my heart and frees me from shame.
If only I could wrap my arms around you.
I'm not sure I would EVER let go.
Your presence can be so overwhelming at times that quite tears begin to fall down my face.
I grateful for them.
It reminds me of how real you are, Jesus.
I pray that I never run too far from you.
I love you.
so. very. much.

Dust in our eyes.


Today Nathan & I had the day off of work. 
On top of that the girls had a three day weekend because of 'Good Friday'. 
I honestly wish that I were back in school just so that I could get random days off.
Wouldn't that be lovely?! ;)
(Though this particular "good friday" isn't just random, but I hope you know what I mean!!)

Anyways ... I realized more than ever today that I portray a very "motherly" personality. 
It's kind of insane. It makes me feel like I am "less fun" than others because I am constantly concerned with their well being. 
I have heard so many stories of people dying from four-wheeler wrecks. 
Nathan definitely loves riding four-wheelers and has a blast, which is GREAT!
I am just so worried that everyone is going to hurt themselves, so I am constantly aware of everything that could possibly go wrong. 
Ugh. I get annoyed with myself sometimes.
I wish I could just enjoy things and trust that everything will turn out fine. 
Plus, the dirt roads sent dust flying EVERYWHERE ... and into our eyes it went.
But all in all it was an adventure and without an adventure, life would be a little less interesting. ;)

Despite all of my worrisome ways, today was a really good. :)
These are the reasons why:
1. I got to sleep in ... and it was actually after 8am!! (Applause would be much appreciated at this time.)
2. I spent all afternoon with my boyfriend & sisters.
3. We all got to eat some mexican food.
4. All of us brought my mom home a sweet kitten. (PS. She started crying, you guys! Seriously. It was cray! She was beyond happy.)
5. I received a very LARGE Starbucks coffee bag from Nathan's mom for Easter! She knows the way to my heart. I was doubled over with happiness. :D
6. My family and Nathan spent the rest of our night watching 'Scream 3' because my sisters really wanted to see it. (which is NOT as scary as it was when I was in 8th grade all those years ago!!! **Also it has far too much cussing for me, I'm afraid.)

I hope you had a very "GOOD" Friday!
Easter is literally just around the corner. 
I look forward to hearing what wonderful things your weekend brings you all!
much love, friends.

PS. Sorry for the low quality photos. I was working only with an iPhone and didn't do anything special to the photos this time. Plus, Nathan took a few ... so ... ;) jk. He did a great job. The trip really needed to be instagram-ed, but maybe next time!

Ms. Roosevelt once said...


Learning and living,
 but they are really the same thing, aren't they?
There is NO experience from which you can not learn something... and the purpose of life, after all, is to LIVE it -- to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
You can do that only if you have curiosity -- an unquenchable spirit for adventure. The experience can have meaning only if you understand it.
You can understand it only if you have arrived at some knowledge of yourself. -- a knowledge based on a deliberately & usually painfully acquired self-discipline, which teaches you to cast out fear & frees you for the fullest experience of the adventure of life.
I honor the human race.

When it faces life head-on, it can almost remake itself.

(Thank you, Eleanor. Thank you.)

Snail Mail. My favorite.


Let's write some letters:

Dear crappy-no-touch-screen phone, I dislike you. I miss my iPhone (4S) so very much. :( I might cry. Seriously.

Dear baby sister, please don't rush into another relationship. The last one was awful to you and I hate seeing anyone break your heart. You are beautiful, kind, and gracious. Be patient for one who is worthy of your heart!

Dear Hunger Games, I wish desperately that I could get you out of my head. So. leave. me. alone. I still love you, though. 

Dear boyfriend, thank you for being kind and patient with me. It means more than you know. Also, thank you for the new bed frame. Just remember that next time I will NOT be putting ANYTHING together. The photos on the instruction manuel makes it look easy. It lied.

Dear body image, please stop making me feel bad about myself. It isn't nice. This post helped, though.

Dear Michelle Williams, I watched 'My Week with Marilyn' yesterday afternoon. You are absolutely gorgeous and shine like the stars! PS. I found out that you are now dating Jason Segel. I wanted you to know that I am okay with that. I hope it works out for you! ;)

Dear coffee shops, I wish that you weren't so expensive. It breaks my heart that I can only go once or twice a week now. :/

Dear patients, please don't come into the pharmacy today and cause me problems. I know you want your drugs, but please realize it isn't my fault if you don't receive them. There is a good reason why.

Dear chapstick, I beg of you not to disappear on me again! I always seem to lose you & my lips just can't take that. 

Dear blogger friends, I am so glad I have you. There may not be many of you, but I'm more grateful than you could possibly know!

Until next time...
much love.



I got to sleep in today.
For me, that means 8am. ;) ha.
Sad, I know, but all those years waking up for college early just seemed to stick.

I know Mondays aren't always the best since it is usually back the grind for most people.
However, I do hope that this giveaway will start off your week on the RIGHT track. :)

So, I am making it simple, especially it being my first giveaway.
I thought all week about what I wanted to do.
I know how much I love this store:

So, why not giveaway one of these:

So, my sweet friends ... if you are interested in a $25 gift card, then you should definitely be apart of this little giveaway.
I'll be honest with you all...
I might be a tad bit jealous because I would love to purchase another cute dress from Forever 21. ;)
However, I am oh-so happy to give you all the chance to buy one for yourself (or a shirt, or a pair of jeans, or some pretty jewerly... just whatever you can't live without!)

I just have two rules for this giveaway:
1. You need to be a follower of my blog.
2. I want to know what you are most looking forward to for this spring season!! :)

That's it!
The winner will be announced next Friday, April 13th (whoa. creepy. I just realized that will be Friday the 13th!!)

Happy, happy Monday!!
much love.

PS. You have no idea how hard it was not to say: "...and may the odds be EVER in your favor!"
I'm still stuck on The Hunger Games, after watching it twice now.
I was able to refrain myself, though. ;)

Two things.


Hello, lovelies! 
I'm back after a few days away.
I am not fond of seven day (STRAIGHT) work weeks!
I get so cranky.
You would too. I promise. ;)

Anyways, I am now sitting outside in the most gorgeous weather.
The sunshine & slight breeze makes me so happy. 
Fresh air is the best, folks!

So, I am excited for two reasons. 
Let me share:

1. I am sponsoring the ever lovely Mandy over at She Breathes Deeply.
Please check out her little corner that is oh-so special to my heart!
She is a doll. 
& I can't wait to get to know her more!
PS. She is the cutest mama, as well. :)

2. I am planning my first giveway!
I will have it up first thing tomorrow morning. 
Please stop by and check it out!!

I hope you all had a beautiful Sunday.
much love, friends.