farewell. adios. see ya.


this is my 162nd post.
nothing significant or amazing about that number.
if only to let you all know that this little space has served it's purpose.
frankly, i think i spent the first year of blogging just trying to figure out who i was and where i wanted my blog to go.
so, it is time to say good-bye to the plaid sparrow.


i am not leaving the blogging community.
i have been praying and trying to decide what i would do once i left here.
well, after months of planning a wedding, stressing out, getting into a regular work routine and married life, and before the rush of the holiday festivities...
i have decided to put all i have into this new season of my life.
& this is where you shall all find me doing so:

life, according to my iPhone.


little sister's, boyfriend's army glasses// car that flew over the curb across the street from the pharmacy // first funnel cake of the year// rainy drive// empty coffee// nathan + his true love// good reads// second funnel cake (not as good)// alex wanting to play ball// swinging// fiance and i at his first baseball game// one of my bridesmaid dresses// dakota takes down jacob// couch view (a work in progress)// bridal shower invites (less than two weeks!!)// baking those legs// gorgeous flowers at work from my one and only// baseball game with the friends//onlookers of the arm wrestling// aw. technically only 37. woohoo// me. bored.//
my niece. cute, huh?// morning time// we didn't get the jet ski working that day// my honey// one of my best friends making wedding diy decor

weekend links.


not sure if i have posted this photo before, but this was at a family event...right in the spot where the wedding will happen!

i love this etsy shop. i want it all.

amber's thankful post. i need to do one of these soon.

i love the photo's from this trip to chicago.

so excited about this book list.

super pumped about this book release!!

taza and her family took a trip to moab, utah. i love all the photos she posted. onetwo, and three.

music is good for the soul.

i love mandy's heart. & i love the vulnerability and honesty of this post.

i wish i had a group of girls to have coffee conversations with...

loving her weight progress tumblr. follow along. be inspired.

everyone seems to have a baby bump these days. i loved this post. the last two photos had me laughing!

if you loved harry potter then you will love this post. seriously.

adore her.

watch this and be happy.

i need to make guac soon!

every update makes me more excited to see the finished film.

i think this group would be fun. i suppose i would need to be a mom, though ...

i was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, and laughing so hard because of this post!

ok. now i must make myself do a 20 minute work out, shower, and look like a decent human being. nathan is in the National Guard, and today they are having a family day. there will be hot dogs, hamburgers, a water slide, a bounce house (which nathan informed me was ONLY for the kids...pssh...we shall see about that...), and much more. should be a fun day ... except i'm looking out the window and i am pretty sure it may rain. nevertheless, it will be fun!!

also, i received my wedding invitations in the mail yesterday. i was so pleased with the finished product, and then i realized i never typed in the TIME of our wedding!!! ugh. i was a bit upset. then i decided that i will add a note to every invite or just announce it on facebook. if they show up at the wrong time, well, maybe we will still be there!

hope you all have a lovely weekend.
much love, colie.



Oh, hello there.
I decided to finally get around to posting my 4th of July photos considering it is about to be August.
It may be late, but at least it is better than never. Right?

bye, bye july.
you were good.
but now i only have 73 days until my wedding!!