weekend links.


not sure if i have posted this photo before, but this was at a family event...right in the spot where the wedding will happen!

i love this etsy shop. i want it all.

amber's thankful post. i need to do one of these soon.

i love the photo's from this trip to chicago.

so excited about this book list.

super pumped about this book release!!

taza and her family took a trip to moab, utah. i love all the photos she posted. onetwo, and three.

music is good for the soul.

i love mandy's heart. & i love the vulnerability and honesty of this post.

i wish i had a group of girls to have coffee conversations with...

loving her weight progress tumblr. follow along. be inspired.

everyone seems to have a baby bump these days. i loved this post. the last two photos had me laughing!

if you loved harry potter then you will love this post. seriously.

adore her.

watch this and be happy.

i need to make guac soon!

every update makes me more excited to see the finished film.

i think this group would be fun. i suppose i would need to be a mom, though ...

i was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, and laughing so hard because of this post!

ok. now i must make myself do a 20 minute work out, shower, and look like a decent human being. nathan is in the National Guard, and today they are having a family day. there will be hot dogs, hamburgers, a water slide, a bounce house (which nathan informed me was ONLY for the kids...pssh...we shall see about that...), and much more. should be a fun day ... except i'm looking out the window and i am pretty sure it may rain. nevertheless, it will be fun!!

also, i received my wedding invitations in the mail yesterday. i was so pleased with the finished product, and then i realized i never typed in the TIME of our wedding!!! ugh. i was a bit upset. then i decided that i will add a note to every invite or just announce it on facebook. if they show up at the wrong time, well, maybe we will still be there!

hope you all have a lovely weekend.
much love, colie.


  1. I'm going to check out these many posts. Have a great day looking like a human being...I'll sit with my coffee a bit longer before I venture into the realm of looking half way decent.

    Amanda Rose

  2. Love this list!
    So sorry about the time issue on your invitations- I'm sure you will still have an absolutely magical day. :)
    Glad you are well!