random thoughts.


Sometimes, in the most random of times, I will have a memory that fills my mind of long ago. Isn't that strange when moments like that happen? There are some that I smile at the memory of, some I frown a bit and almost wish I had forgotten, some that I had forgotten entirely (wondering if it actually happened), and some that I was too young to remember but have the beauty of it captured on photos.

I am getting married in October (oh by the way...everyone who doesn't know...SURPRISE...I'm getting married!!). Ha. & the first few weeks I was extremely stressed out. Financially trying to get everything together was proving to be more work than I had ever wanted. So it looks as though we may be doing a small wedding (consisting of very close friends and family, maybe 20-30 peeps), our honeymoon (at Walt Disney World! Yes. Be jealous. I'm stoked!!!), and then come back home and have a very large reception. It is not how I always dreamed I would have my wedding, but a lot changes from the age of 5 to 25.

I am trying to decide if I want another tattoo. I do. --> It seems recently that I have been struggling a bit with my tattoos. Well, my more visible ones to be specific. I always try my best to cover them, at work especially. But even when I am out and about I usually find the need to cover them up. Honestly living in a small town, where eyes flock to such "sinful" marks upon my body, can be exhausting. I am not one to typically care what others think about my tattoos, because I love them all (I have five.), but constant scrutiny can cause insecurity in myself over time.

I've been reading a lot more lately. A quote I came across said this:
"I long for people to fall in love with God and each other." -SC.
Yes, I quite certainly agree.

I purchased three, small moleskin journals yesterday from Barnes & Noble. I'm so happy that I did.

I picked up Nathan (the fiance) from the airport LATE Friday evening. By late I mean almost 11pm. It was wayy past my bedtime, folks. Anyways, he was flying back home from being on a mission trip for a week in Haiti. He had so many stories to share about cleaning trash, planting gardens, working with the orphans, running out of power (two nights in a row and it wasn't a big deal to them), how most things cost the same thing as it does in the States but there are no jobs to supply the income to pay for such, and how they would sit around and jump into worship songs praising their Father in Heaven. They are far more grateful than I believe we shall ever be. & that reality breaks my heart to the core.

PS. I obsessed with Downton Abbey. & you all should be too.
That is all.

I hope you all have the loveliest Wednesday, my friends!
much love,