life, according to my iPhone.


little sister's, boyfriend's army glasses// car that flew over the curb across the street from the pharmacy // first funnel cake of the year// rainy drive// empty coffee// nathan + his true love// good reads// second funnel cake (not as good)// alex wanting to play ball// swinging// fiance and i at his first baseball game// one of my bridesmaid dresses// dakota takes down jacob// couch view (a work in progress)// bridal shower invites (less than two weeks!!)// baking those legs// gorgeous flowers at work from my one and only// baseball game with the friends//onlookers of the arm wrestling// aw. technically only 37. woohoo// me. bored.//
my niece. cute, huh?// morning time// we didn't get the jet ski working that day// my honey// one of my best friends making wedding diy decor

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