Dust in our eyes.


Today Nathan & I had the day off of work. 
On top of that the girls had a three day weekend because of 'Good Friday'. 
I honestly wish that I were back in school just so that I could get random days off.
Wouldn't that be lovely?! ;)
(Though this particular "good friday" isn't just random, but I hope you know what I mean!!)

Anyways ... I realized more than ever today that I portray a very "motherly" personality. 
It's kind of insane. It makes me feel like I am "less fun" than others because I am constantly concerned with their well being. 
I have heard so many stories of people dying from four-wheeler wrecks. 
Nathan definitely loves riding four-wheelers and has a blast, which is GREAT!
I am just so worried that everyone is going to hurt themselves, so I am constantly aware of everything that could possibly go wrong. 
Ugh. I get annoyed with myself sometimes.
I wish I could just enjoy things and trust that everything will turn out fine. 
Plus, the dirt roads sent dust flying EVERYWHERE ... and into our eyes it went.
But all in all it was an adventure and without an adventure, life would be a little less interesting. ;)

Despite all of my worrisome ways, today was a really good. :)
These are the reasons why:
1. I got to sleep in ... and it was actually after 8am!! (Applause would be much appreciated at this time.)
2. I spent all afternoon with my boyfriend & sisters.
3. We all got to eat some mexican food.
4. All of us brought my mom home a sweet kitten. (PS. She started crying, you guys! Seriously. It was cray! She was beyond happy.)
5. I received a very LARGE Starbucks coffee bag from Nathan's mom for Easter! She knows the way to my heart. I was doubled over with happiness. :D
6. My family and Nathan spent the rest of our night watching 'Scream 3' because my sisters really wanted to see it. (which is NOT as scary as it was when I was in 8th grade all those years ago!!! **Also it has far too much cussing for me, I'm afraid.)

I hope you had a very "GOOD" Friday!
Easter is literally just around the corner. 
I look forward to hearing what wonderful things your weekend brings you all!
much love, friends.

PS. Sorry for the low quality photos. I was working only with an iPhone and didn't do anything special to the photos this time. Plus, Nathan took a few ... so ... ;) jk. He did a great job. The trip really needed to be instagram-ed, but maybe next time!


  1. Hey Colie, looks like a lot of fun, although I sympathise with the 'motherly concern' sometimes feeling like a buzz kill. I'm always thinking 2 steps ahead so I find it difficult to just be in the moment. I guess it's just the way I'm wired, so I'm usually the sensible one.
    And I like the photos. Quality is far better than my phone, and the couple photo is super cute :)

    1. Aw. Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Katie! :)
      I'm glad that I am not the only one who feels that way.
      It can be a good thing, but also a burden at times. :/
      PS. I'm glad you liked the photos!!
      much love.