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There are so many lovely blogs across the internet.
I swoon over a lot of them and secretly wish I were "real" friends with half of them.
I just refrain from saying so, because that is creepy and weird.

Anyways, I really should do this every week (or maybe even every other week) because there are so many fabulous things to share with you all!
So let's start:

I loved that Kylee shared this video from Paperback Weddings.
**I saw this video months ago and fell in love, while crying a puddle of tears. Srsly.

Just a sweet reminder that life is a beautiful journey.

I'm so grateful for the work Don did for my blog.
I also love seeing what is happening in the life of him and his sweet, little family.
Recently, he has accepted a job offer in Boston.

I adore this etsy shop by Kate.

Elizabeth looks stunning in this maxi dress!

Heidi is ALWAYS hilarious. Srsly.
See for yourself! :)

I adore Miss Lulu. Truly! <3

Katie was over on Tattoo Tuesday the other week.
I basically just swooned over all her lovely tattoos.
She is a doll!

When Jess & Rene made a trip to Baltimore, I about died when I saw the photo of the Barnes & Noble!

Before I jet off, please stop by and read Michelle's intermission post.
It will make you smile. :)
PS. Please being praying about grad school for her!

Happy weekend, friends.


  1. I just found your blog and it's totally adorable:) Want to follow each other?