Exhaustion + winner.


I. am. so. exhausted.
It has been a very busy weekend.
I got to go hiking with Nathan on Friday.
It started off great ... until I didn't have any water to drink. :/
Then I was dehydrated and didn't think I would survive the 7 miles.
I did.
Then, Saturday was basically spent traveling.
I went on a mini roadtrip with friends from work.
Boy, oh boy.
That was a LONG trip.
It took us three FIVE hours to get there.
We were pretty much tired from sitting down for so long.
It was still a blast, though!!
There was a lot of laughing and shouting and being silly.
It doesn't matter what you do, or how exhuasted you are, as long as you are with peole that make you happy!
(and that goes for hiking or roadtrips.)
I'll be sure to post the few photos I took over the weekend, on my next post.

I hope you all are having a very lovely Sunday.
much love.

PS.  The winner of the Forever 21 gift card is:

Fun post! 1.) Happy to make a new friend
2.) Most looking forward to cute summer dresses & heres to hoping I get a tan to go with it.

Please email me at: theplaidsparrow@gmail.com!


  1. woohoo! so fun! Thanks friend! Sounds like you had an adventure in your road trip :)

    1. :D It was definitely an adventure!!
      PS. I just sent your XXI gift card out this morning.
      much love, friend.