my one word.


let's all try to live by this motto. <3

we live a world that wants everything & we want it RIGHT NOW.
for me, it is hard to imagine that anything existed before this way of life.

we are not very patient people. 
our lives have become consumed around how life, in some way, owes us.
we tend to think, sometimes not purposely, that we need to get exactly what we want at the very moment we ask for it.

*i get easily annoyed if my internet connection is slow (or heaven forbid i go a full day without it!)
*if someone isn’t going “fast enough” in traffic
*if i don’t get my food the way i want it (i’m a picky eater)
*if my iphone isn’t doing what i want it to do
*if i don’t receive an immediate answer to something i feel is oh-so-important
*if someone doesn't do what i need them to do for me, especially if i have asked them several times

i tend to get annoyed or complain when things are not going the way i feel they should go.

& sadly, this isn’t just me.  
we live in a world that is focused on “me, me, me”.
then we lose sight of what is really important.

for that reason, i am doing away with my “new years resolution”. 
because if i want to be honest here, i never do any of them. : /
so, instead i am focusing on one word. 
one word to sum up what i want to change about myself and my life for the coming year. 
that word is GRATEFUL.

(**The definition of grateful is warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful; expressing by gratitude; or pleasing to the mind.)

i think it is easy for me to complain about so much that i don’t have and yet 
… what would life be like if i never had any of these things to begin with?
would i still have so much to complain about?
to feel like life just isn’t being fair to me?

i spend so much time rushing through life that i forget to just live.
to take the time:
to breathe.
to love.
to be grateful.

i hope to change that in 2012.
so, now….what is your one word?

oh, and remember to --- >

much love, colie.

(ps. this 'one word' idea came to me by reading this lovely post. enjoy!)

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