if you had one song.


one of my all time favorite movies is 'walk the line'.
there are many reasons for this, but for now i will just give you three.

1. joaquin phoenix & reese witherspoon are phenomenal. 
their roles in this film were absolutely riveting. 
2. the story. 
johnny cash, the man in black.
he was a person.
lost & hurting.
yet, he rose from the ashes.
he found his way.

3. the clip below.
i love what the manager says to johnny.
something just pulls on my heart every time i hear it.

what would your song be?

johnny & june. <3

** in his last interview, shortly after june died, johnny cash was asked where do we go when we die.
     his response, "well, we all hope to go to heaven." & smiled.**

  you are missed, mr cash.
    can't wait to see you again.
maybe you'll play me a song or two. 
 much love, colie