Tumblr Tuesday


It's Tuesday, folks. 
Tumblr time! 
(ps. these are all from my tumblr account, but if you want credit for one of your photos below just let me know!) 

doesn't this sound lovely? :)

i bet this is what peter pan always imagined. 

new york, my love. 

if you can not find waldo ... you may need some glasses. ;)


 love knows NO distance. :)

 oh, adele. 

can i stay here, please??

tattooed lovebirds. <3

bahaha. this was the "tweet of the week" for me, folks!

this is where i need to be blogging. 

this was all kinds of wonderful!

enough said!

wasn't marlon handsome? :)

painful movie to watch. wonderful performances. crushing on guillaume canet!

i really love the 'forever young' script, the snow falling in NY, & the beautiful tent.
which were your favorites??

happy tuesday!

much love, colie. 

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