always love. always.


my heart is hurting tonight. 
my family & i just found out that a boy, who attended the local high school with my sister, shot himself earlier tonight.
-- in the head.
he had just turned 15 a few days ago. 

all i want to do is cry.
my heart literally aches for him.
both my sisters knew him.
he had a HUGE crush on my sister, amber.
they said he was a nice kid.
always trying to make others laugh.

the only thing i can think is "what?"
what made this young boy, with so many years ahead of him, feel so hopeless?
i promise you that i am not brave enough to ever take my own life.
i know this for sure.
& yet he did.
what must he have felt to do take his own life?

we are all a story.
a living story. 
& no one's story is the same.
we never truly know what someone is going through.
unless they so courageously decide to share it.

so i ask this of you all:
remember not to judge a book by it's cover.
remember to speak kind words.
remember to smile.
remember to show grace. 
remember to be compassionate.
& please, PLEASE ....
remember to LOVE


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