long day, folks.


 1.  a break from reading "the lucky one" (btw, i finished it -- so sad!) 2. four different angles of my room.
3. my lovely cup of cocoa - keeping me warm & making me oh-so-happy!
4. the last of fall (about a week ago) before winter stole it from us!

oh goodness, me.
it was a LONG day indeed.
i worked a 10 hour shift in the pharmacy today + i will be working all weekend and through monday.
i have to say that i am a very happy person.
i get along with almost everyone & i try to find the best in every situation/person.
BUT -- sometimes patients that come into the pharmacy DEFINITELY test my patience.
i honestly can not comprehend why there is such a need to be hateful to someone who is obviously being nice to you AND showing that they are doing ALL they can to help you.
& many times it is the same people.
they just come in in a bad mood -- as though they have the INTENT to be angry and cause a scene.
it frustrates me to no end ... and there are times i find myself walking away because if not (as i have in a few occasions) i can get a bit testy back.
that is not the type of person i want to be.
it is not always easy being the "bigger person" in a situation -- and that is for all areas of life, BUT in the end it shows our character to those around us. & i think even in the worst situations that our character is quite important.

& on the bright side there was much to be thankful for:
*great co-workers that make me laugh and are willing to listen and help each other
*nice customers that treat you like an equal human being
*having a car to drive home in -- and making it home safely
*my iphone (this is important to me)  -_*
*frosty the snowman & all those other christmas cartoons i grew up watching during the holidays
*a yummy dinner
*warm cup of cocoa (i've been drinking it almost every night!!)
*AND my internet is working after not having it for ONE WHOLE DAY! yes, yes ... tragic, i know! ;)

i hope you had a lovely friday.
& enjoy the weekend ahead!!

(ps. i plan to start a feature link every friday called: friday favorites. i want to share with you all the lovely blog posts i have enjoyed throughout the week + a few extra things that i adore! -- i hope you'll stop by & check it out!)

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