this time of the year.


last night it snowed & i woke up to a winter wonderland! :) 
it was oh-so-lovely. though, a BIT chilly. 
of course, some socks + a warm cup of coffee helped that real fast. 

i have been off work the past couple of days. -- which is quite horrible for me. 
i hate sitting around doing nothing. i feel like i am just wasting away. 
SO -- i watched a ton of movies (including: the debt, the help, madea's big happy family, & the green lantern), then caught up on my favorite tv shows (glee, new girl, raising hope, parenthood, & modern family. of course, looking forward to: the mentalist + the office!), read my favorite blogs, uploaded photos, constantly checked my: twitter, tumblr, instagram, pinterest, facebook, and email, almost completed crocheting my (FIRST) scarf!!!, and started a new book. 

it just seems that this time of the year makes me more sluggish with a lack of motivation. & yet, i so LOVE this time of the year. honestly, most people have more get-up-and-go when the weather is sunny, bright, and warm -- so maybe it isn't so strange, eh? 

today was GREAT, though! i just want to add that.
i mean i went to the consignment shop & bought an outfit for twelve bucks! $12, folks! 
awesome? -- YES, i think so! ;)

i hope you all had a lovely wednesday.
(& if you also lacked motivation today -- i hope that tomorrow brings it your way!)

much love! - colie

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