long(er) hair, goals, & zooey + joe.


my hair is getting longer... ;)

Hello, hello!
It is that lovely time of the year where one ends and a new one is about to begin.
Joy. :)
Which at times I feel is a bit sad.
We shouldn't wish our life away in any way, and yet we do it all the time. : /
I mean so many of us say, "I don't regret my past, it has made me who I am." or "Life is so short, let's enjoy the here and now."
I obviously think both of those statements are quite true.
I tend to feel that way most of the time.
However, I really think it would be best for us to remember to reflect on the good and bad memories from this past year.
I mean, can you believe how much happens in a whole year.
Some of us are in the very same place we started, and many of us are quite far from it.
We should take the time to ask ourselves how those situations help shape us into who we have become at the end of 2011.
With all that being said, I am truly looking forward to 2012, folks!
A new year always brings us new possibilities, new hope.
To me it feels like that first day of the new year gives us an opportunity to start fresh, to write a new chapter.
I can't wait for it to start! :)

Now, I would like to share with you a list of goals I would like to complete at this time NEXT year!
It is fun and challenging! -- which means you should all give it a try. ;)


*get a tattoo
*write at least 1 chapter to a book
*take a LOT more photos
*read at least 12 books
*get organized
*face my problems, not run from them
*learn to speak French
*travel more
*make more time for the people in my life
*make some "blogging" friends. :)
*learn at least one song on the guitar
*do something that scares me
*buy a few more dresses
*take singing lessons
*trust others more ... maybe.
*go on a mission trip
*lose 30 pounds
*make plans for a trip to europe!
*be more understanding with my family
*believe in myself more
*become a penpal ... ya know, with good ole fashioned snail mail. ;)
*watch the hunger games (come on, march 23!!!)
*learn to swim ... yes, yes ... i can't swim. : /
*attempt some DIY projects/cooking
*be a vegetarian for a week
*do NOT cut my hair for any reason ... (except to trim off my dead ends!)
*& a lot more surprises along the way!

much love, colie

ps. i wanted to leave you with the video below of zooey deschanel & joseph-gordon levitt singing.
it pritty much made my whole night.
i adore them both so much!

check out what zooey had to say about her friendship with joe right here.

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