Converse + Rain + Movie


I slept horribly last night.
Which was such a shame since the night before I had a full 8 hours of sleep.
It was kinda magically.
Really. :)

Today was a bit rainy & gloomy.
Mom, the girls, and I went out to eat pizza for lunch this afternoon.
Then stopped to do some last minute holiday shopping!
I was so exhausted, but had a lot of fun.

Afterwards, I took a nap for a bit.
I had a job interview @ 5:30 this evening.
It was a strange time for an interview, but yeah.
I was extremely nervous.
It didn't help that there were FIVE people in the interview asking me questions.
So nerve racking!!
Fingers crossed for this job, though.
Full-time, off every weekend, benefits after 90 days, and no one-on-one patient interaction!

When I was finally done with my interview, I drove home to meet up with mom and libs.
We had decided early to go to the theater to watch Sherlock Holmes, but at the last minute we changed it to New Year's Eve.

I was happy to see either one.
I'm really glad we ended up watching New Year's Eve, though.
Most people think those type of movies (like Valentine's Day) are awful.
& to be honest ... they aren't the BEST movies, but I love them!
This movie had an amazing cast + New York City + funny + endearing = New Year's Eve!

It was kinda more than perfect for me. :)
Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!
much love, colie.

ps. the out takes that run during the credits are HILARIOUS!! :) truly.

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