first post of twenty-twelve.


Hello, friends.
I have been absent the past few days from the blogging world.
It has been busy, busy for me considering that I worked the past five days straight.
Work was awful yesterday and I almost found myself in tears on several occasions.
(patients aren't always the friendliest when they do not get their medication ... even when it obviously isn't my fault. -- that is life, for ya.)
It truly was the worst day of work by far.
So, needless to say, I am extremely grateful I do not have to relive it.

Anyhoo, on New Year's I got to spend the evening with great friends!
Jordan & Tyler had a few people over ... and it was filled with snacks, laughter, crocheting, and new friends.
However, I am surprised we all lasted until the ball dropped at midnight.
I was fighting to stay awake past ten, folks.
I'm afraid it must be the old age kicking in ... ;)

jordan & i ending 2011. :)

goodbye 2011, hello 2012. 

I hope that this year I am more grateful for this wonderful life I have.
When I wake up every morning ... the first breath I breathe ... that is a reminder that I am given another day. 

Another day to drink coffee, to look at the sun rise from my back porch, to walk outside and see all the beauty in it, to be surrounded around wonderful friends who love me, to meet new people, to sing in my car (alone, because I don't sing in front of anyone ;), to smile when I get a text from someone, to plan road trips, to dream up how wonderful it will be when I finally get to travel and explore europe, to be an example for my family, to better myself, to never stop pushing myself to grow, and to always fight to walk down this path we call "life". :)

I wish you all the same and so much more!

much love, colie.

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