Tumblr Thursday


Ok, folks ... my Tumblr Tuesdays have now become Thursdays.
I have a new feature coming on on Tuesdays starting next week! :)
Also, I have a TON of photos that I loved from Tumblr this past week.
I truly tried to narrow it down, but I couldn't. : /
So, bare with me and enjoy!!

(ps. if any photos belong to you, please let me know and I will be more than happy to give credit..)

sometimes i constantly remind myself of this very thing.


just some of the things i love. 

i wish someone had made this for me. :)

VERY true ... the key is finding that guy.

oh, what an adventure.

lovebirds. :)

oh, josh. i love the tie. 

bahahaha. classic, michael scott. 
*you are missed*

i'm in love with this photo. 

& try not to cry. ;)


you really were gorgeous, marilyn. 

james, you were a rebel. indeed.

those eyes ... those eyes, i tell ya.

i absolutely ADORE this photo from the dress, to her expression, to the squirrel. 

you have a story. you are important. - never forget. 

that dress is pritty darn cute. 


snail mail. it makes my heart happy.

two of my favorite boys. 

-- Goonies. 10.23.84 -- 
*goonies never say die*

ha. :)

chord, you are handsome. i'm sure you know that, though.

i'm glad they didn't fall. ;)

dear adele, can i have your gorgeous locks? please & thank you. - colie.

**whispering** -- i sure hope it is wisdom.

emma got two spots on my tumblr post this week. 

young jedi.

I hope you have a lovely Thursday, friends.
much love, colie. 

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