So, I like almost any genre of movies.
I really do.
Comedy, action, thriller, drama, indie, and everything in between.

Sometimes a girl just needs a good ole fashion "romance" movie to watch, though.
They can be cheesy, but I can't help saying that I have a soft spot for them!

That all being said, leads me to talk about an upcoming movie coming out for Valentine's Day.
There are three AWESOME things about it.

1. Rachel McAdams. -- I adore her!! I fell in love with her as an actress since her performance in  'The Notebook'. Who couldn't?? Geez. Gorgeous & Flawless.

2. Channing Tatum. -- Although I don't think he is the most amazing actor, there always seems to be something honest about his performance. Like, even though he is super cute... there is some shy boy quailty to him. -- Or that could just be me imagining it all. ;)

3. True Love. -- There have definitely been times in my life where I have questioned whether it was real. I am aware that this is just a movie. In "real life" it is hard to find people who are truly "in love" with eachother. However, watching these types of movies always seems to reassure me that maybe ... just maybe ... it does exist.

I may have teared up watching this trailer.
It's ok if you did too.

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