Tumblr Thursday


Ok, folks ... I meant to post this when I woke up this morning.
However, a last minute trip to the city was made.

Anyhoo, here were some of my favorite photos from my tumblr this past week!
(ps. if any photos belong to you, please let me know & i'll be more than happy to add your information)

 i need to do this in my hallway. :)

 love = free. 

audrey hepburn & husband. 

 i adore the dress, the colors, & sweet tattoo. 

remember that ladies. 

 this is what my workspace SHOULD look like ... with that nice MAC desktop, please?! ;)

 childhood. never forget.

quite dapper, sir.

 i need that old camera. 

 this has to stir some emotion in you, folks!

 "goonies never say die"


 this movie must be watched again ... soon!

sweet sisters. 

 my two LOVES!! -- coffee & owls! :D

scotland, i'll be seeing you one day. :)

 zooey deschanel got a lovely gift!

 love the hair!

moleskin drawing.

 sweet bed, eh?!


I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!
much love, colie

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