an uneventful day. a wonderful day.


I had planned to start a new feature on my blog today, which I will continue for the next 14 weeks every Tuesday.
However, that did not happen.
I spent very little time around my laptop ... which was kind of refreshing in a way.

My day was spent sleeping in, reading, getting a phone call from the hospital (the job position is still up in the air until the end of the week : / ), grabbing lunch with mom, heading to the old bookstore, singing and dancing to glee, picking up the girls from school, making a sonic run, and watching a movie.
It was pritty wonderful.

Oh, and two other great things happened.
Last night I got to watch "We Bought a Zoo" and it was absolutely fantastic.
It made me laugh, cry, and seek for a little more courage.
(+ I may have formed a slight crush on Matt Damon...)
AND... i found out that Jordan's aunt got me some scarves!!!
**might have done a happy dance after receiving that news. ;)

Now, everyone is asleep.
I am curled up in bed with a blanket, sweatshirt, and my jammies.
I have a peace of mind to just reflect on life in these moments.
When it is silent, it feels as though the world has slowed down a bit ... even if for a few minutes.
That is when I feel God speaking to me the most.
There is something special about that.

So, my hope is that you found the goodness in today.
Whether it was in a big or small way, and even the little things in between.
If not, then tomorrow is a new day. :)

much love,

ps. i will start the new feature next tuesday.
i hope you stop by and check it out. :)

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