It's Friday!


Today wasn't too bad at work, but has left me exhausted.
I think knowing that I have to be at work by 8 in the morning doesn't help.
Plus, I'm a weirdo and I have to be up 2 hours before I go somewhere to prepare myself for the day.
Its a process for me, folks. ;)

Anyways, I decided to do Friday links again.
I always enjoy sharing with you all my favorite blog posts of the week, interesting news, and cute things that make me happy. :)
I will also be posting a photo with every Friday links, for "flashback fridays".
I hope you enjoy!

sisters eating lunch @ Epcot. :)

Danielle knows how to start her morning off right with this oatmeal.

This dress is so adorable. :)

Can we please talk about how amazing these salt & pepper puzzle piece shakers are??! 

Lauren is doing her Valentine's Day love post from around the world!
(if you would like to include yourself & a loved one, then contact lauren asap)

As I have an obsession with scarves, I also have an obsession with hats.

This time of the year makes my lips stay chapped, luckily I started using this so now they stay nice and smooth. 

Isn't this the cutest bicycle and puppy since Dorothy & Toto?! :D

I adore this store!

Casey's blog is absolutely one of my favorites! This post is one reason why.  <3

The always lovely Katie shows us how to make party hats in a pinch. It looks easy & fun! Something I will definitely be doing soon. :)

& ending Friday links I wanted to send you over to a new blog I am reading. Enjoy!

Happy weekend everyone!
much love, colie

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