Photo Challenge V.1


I am a little obsessed with instagram.
(if you don't know what it is, and you have an iphone, then check it out here.
then download it & add me under the username 'theplaidsparrow'.)

This month they had a 'January Photo a Day' Challenge.
It looks like this:

I obviously had to take on the challenge!
Photos, instagram, friends ... who could say no to that??
Anyhoo, so I decided to break this up into two parts.
I'll start this post off with Days 1-15.
& at the end of the month I'll end with Days 16-31. 

 Day 1. Me.
(standing all awkward)

 Day 2. Breakfast.
(looks kinda gross, but i love coffee w/ biscuits & gravy)

Day 3. Something you adore.
(my owl ring. *love*)

 Day 4. Letterbox
(letters, photos, memories, and more)

Day 5. What I wore.
(this day was super warm outside, but i really wanted to wear all my scarves) ;)

Day 6. Makes you smile.
(planning trips down to dallas to see one of my best friends, kim)

Day 7. Favorite.
(nathan sent me flowers @ work!!!)

 Day 8. My sky.
(the view from my backyard)

Day 9. Daily Routine.
(almost every morning, folks)

 Day 10. Childhood.
(my FAVORITE photo of my mom & i. do you love how clueless I look, yet I have my "thumbs up" sign!?)

Day 11. Where I sleep.
(nothing too exciting here. simple. the way I like it.)

 Day 12. Close up.
(big eyes!)

 Day 13. In my bag.
(i could live in my purse.)

Day 14. What I'm reading. 
(books I'm finishing, starting, or rereading ... it is never ending!)

Day 15. Happiness.
(playing DK on the super nintendo with the guys!)

I really am having a blast doing this challenge. 
I may come up with my own for next month as well! 
Hope you enjoyed!
I'll be back in a few weeks with the rest. 

much love, colie

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