There are mornings that you wake up before the sun.
You have a cup of warm coffee in your hand.
There is a light breeze.
The birds are chirping, talking to each other with their sing-song voices.
A peace is placed in your heart...
& in that moment life seems as "still" as it can be.

That is how I felt this morning. 
I wish so much that those moments could last a lifetime.
Life is so easy to get caught up in.
We tend to push what is most important aside, while not intending to.
It just happens.
I wish I could say that I tried harder to listen to the Lord. 
I don't.
That must be the selfish side of me who wants to be in control.

This morning, in a very clear voice I heard:
& all I could think was that at the age of 24,  I still don't know how to do that.
I should.
It's so simple.
And then, ever so sweetly in a soft whisper, I heard:
"Be still my sweet child. I love you. "
I'm so thankful for that.
Words. are. just. NOT. enough.

Life is full of moments.
Some are not so good.
& others are so beautiful that you wish you could capture them in a jar and save them forever.
All I can say is to remember the beautiful moments.
Be grateful for them.
Use them to push forward.
To grow.
To learn.
To love more.

I wish you all the happiest Sunday.


  1. this is so beautiful and refreshing.

    I've felt a couple of those still moments as spring as returned into view these past weeks. It feels as though my soul took a much needed drink of fresh water.

    1. :) -- I wish I had more moments like them.
      I get so consumed with what my next step is & how I will get to it ... that I just miss so much.
      It kind of breaks a small piece of my heart when I think about it.
      I loved how you said that you felt that your soul took a much needed drink of fresh water.
      I felt the same today.
      Beautiful & refreshing, isn't it? :)
      much love.

  2. That's what I always look forward to...having a real "good morning". That's what they say "starting your day right". I wish you more mornings like that :)

    1. Aw. Thanks dear!
      I definitely agree. It starts the day off right, for sure. :)
      I wish you the same.
      much love.