- I am trying to work towards my goal of losing 35 pounds. 
-In that process, I'm letting go of sweets ... slowly. :/
-Wishing there was more time in each day to do more of the things I love.
-So happy to have my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews back home. It has been wonderful having them here. :)
-Stressing over finances (same ole, same ole)
-Happy that I get to dress up for work this Saturday, but sad to have to miss church on Sunday!
-I watched 'Moneyball' & 'Reel Steel' this week. Very different movies. I enjoyed them both.
**PS. No matter how you feel about Brad Pitt, I still believe he is a phenomenal actor. & Jonah Hill's performance was awesome. 
-Working on my posture because I'm pretty sure I stay slumped over far too much.
-Dyed my hair all black. (It pretty much looks the same, though)
-After today, I wish I had bought rain boots. 
**I ALWAYS say that when it rains. Do I ever go buy any? Obviously not! :/
-Reminding myself to find the good in others, even when it isn't always evident. 
-Trying to read about 6 different books at the moment.
-Finding new & interesting sites + blogs this week. :)
-I miss watching Top Gear, the UK version, so bad!!
-Thinking we need a Chick-fil-a, then deciding on breakfast wouldn't be so hard!
-AND ... waiting patiently, but on the edge of my seat, for the release of 'The Hunger Games'! Aw. I'm beyond excited & praying that all the actors hold true to each character. So, of course, I had to leave you with the official music video for Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars!!!

Lovely, right?! :)
Its strange because I used to not be a huge Taylor Swift fan. I just didn't think she was that great of a singer. However, there is such a genuine quality about her that I can't help but like.
She has definitely grown on me.
I'm so happy she did this song and included some of my favorite people!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday. 
much love.

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