I am pretty sure I literally cried a river ...


So, I just got back home from Nathan's after watching this:

& frankly I think it should have been called:
"The movie where you spend the entire time crying -- the kind of crying where you can't breath -- for you are so overcome by the emotion you feel towards the characters because of God's great love & mercy."
Yes, yes.
I honestly think it should be called that.
I mean, I started crying during the previews of the trailers they had BEFORE the actual movie started!
You can laugh.
It's okay. ;)

 I am probably the last person to see this movie, but if I wasn't then PLEASE go rent/buy it!
It's worth it.

much love, friends.


  1. I totally laughed...you did say it was ok ;)

  2. i LOVED that movie! a little corny sometimes, but i cried--that NEVER happens. this and The Help have definitely been added to my favorite movies list. because they made me feel every emotion i have. :)

    1. Ha. One of the girls I work with said she couldn't stand the acting in it!
      I try to get past that part because it really was a good message. :)
      Aw! I LOVE The Help. -- I adore Emma Stone & the story was wonderful.
      I hope you had a wonderful Saturday!
      much love.

  3. ahhh yeah this movie made me sob too :( - so good tho!

    found you via "the wiegands" btw ;-D

    1. Aw! I know. :( -- I couldn't hold it together.
      My boyfriend said I wouldn't cry.
      He knew that if he said I WOULD cry then I wouldn't watch it.
      He tricked me, obviously!!
      I hope you are having a GREAT weekend!
      much love.

      I'm so glad you found me through Casey's blog.
      She is so sweet. :)
      I'll definitely check out your blog!