Spring is just around the corner!


Today was pretty wonderful!
I had the day off work.
Which means I had some time to snap a few photos in the lovely weather we had!

Then, I soaked up the warm sun while I got to journal, read my bible, and walk around downtown with my momma.

I also remembered that my baby brother, his wife, and kiddos are coming up from Texas in just a few days! :) I love when they are home. My nephews are the cutest! *proud auntie*

And last, but certainly not least, I am sponsoring over on Casey Wiegand's blog this month.

Casey and her art.

She is so down to earth and the nicest gal.
It is a blessing to read about her art, her sweet family, her hopes/dreams/struggles, as well as see her faith in the Lord.
She has a new blog design up and it looks fantastic!
Please take a moment and check out her blog.
You will be glad you did!
Happy Thursday, friends. :)


  1. um, your blog is adorable. I love it!

    Also, sounds like a sweet day. And I love your bible/journaling photos. And the Wiegand's = awesome blog :)

    1. aw. thanks dear!
      I always appreciate kind words. :)
      **your blog is pretty cute too, btw.

      It was a pretty fantastic day! & thank you. --> Psalm 139 is my favorite of all the psalms, actually.
      I hope that your weekend brings you joy & new possibilities!
      AW! YES! Casey is the sweetest.

      much love!

  2. Love your skirts, wonderful sense of fashion! Loving your blog as well! Count me in as a new follower!! :)

    1. Aw! Thanks dear. :) So sweet.
      Skirts are fun ... & I try to have "fashion"! ha. It usually just winds up that I just throw on whatever looks comfy and suits me for that day. ;)
      I appreciate all the sweet words.
      It made my morning!
      Have a lovely day!
      much love, colie

  3. What a cute blog! I am particularly fond of the header!

    Love that you spend your free time in his word. The weather looked fantastic from the pictures. And I have to agree with you and the comment above. Casey's blog = precious!

    1. Aw! Thank ya, thank ya! -- I'm so happy with the work that Don did (over @ adelinesdaddy.com)!
      **the header was my favorite thing when he first sent the draft over to me! I was over the moon with happiness. :)

      1. The weather was wonderful.
      2. Casey is so lovely.
      3. His Word is truly the best thing for the soul. :)

      Thanks for all the sweet words, dear!
      It made me smile & also made my morning just a little brighter.
      much love, colie