Hello, hello friends!
I attempted to do a vlog ... & let's just say that I was NOT very successful. :/ ha.
I'll be more prepared next time.
Anyways, I tried to do it because I figured it would save me from typing a long post.
I think it is easier just to write it all down.
It was an absolute nightmare for me to figure out how to upload my vlog.
So sad, I know! ;)

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all the sweet comments from my last post.
I have so much going on with family, relationships, finances, etc that I let my anxiety get the best of me.
And when I get to that point, the tears just start flowing. :(

Things are still bumpy.
I don't expect that to all change in a day, but I'm being positive and praying that this season doesn't last forever.
I think the key to change is learning that we have to actually do something different to put that change into motion.
It won't just happen on its own.
I definitely have to remind myself of that a lot!

Well, I'm about to head off to work in the dreaded rainy weather we have here. 
I'm a little sad considering my nephew will be over most of the day while I'm at work.
I am excited that I get to spend some time with dear friends tonight. :) That always makes thing so much better!
Nathan is at drill all weekend & then he works on Monday & Tuesday. So, I won't see him until Wednesday.
OH! & one of my baby sisters just left for North Carolina for Spring Break! Eek!
Am I jealous??
Umm... YESSS! 
She gets to go to the beach! Aw. :)

Anyways, I'm rambling now but just wanted to update you all.
Have a wonderful Friday!
much love.



  1. Sweet update Colie :)

    I understand how that anxiety feels and I know it's no fun. God will grow you through it though and bring good out of it! You'll be able to see it in hindsight and say it was worth it and you are much better because of it :)


    1. Aw! Thanks Jess! :)
      I can definitely see how God brought me through past seasons of my life. There were lessons I needed to learn that my eyes weren't open to. However, now I can look back and see exactly what God was trying to show me.
      I pray that I would be obedient to the Lord during this season. It will make life so much better ... and honestly a lot easier.
      Thanks again for the sweet words.
      Look forward to chatting soon!
      much love, friend!

  2. YA I M Jealous too and well my dad and step mom and brother are in mexico on the beach to i want to go to the beach hey me u and nathan and maybe some others or who ever we need to all plan a trip to go to folrdia or some were maybe for next summer if not this summer