Weekly loves from this past week.


This is a flash back Friday ... on Saturday! ;)
A friend & I at chili's one afternoon back in my college years.
The sweet memories. 

I love finding so many lovely things through blogs that I follow or read weekly. :)
So, I thought I'd share with you all some links that have made my week a little brighter.

Don's dialogue with his daughter & what it means to her! So cute.

I always love the DIY posts from Melissa about her wedding.

This post made me laugh so hard. -- I love Lauren's loyalty to Peeta. I'm right there with her!!

I adore the watermelon skirt that Elizabeth made.
I don't feel like making one, though. It probably wouldn't look as pretty.
**If any of you can sew & get the itch to sew me this gorgeous skirt, then I wouldn't argue. ;) just sayin'!

Katie's blog is probably one of my top 5 favorites. & when her son Max writes letters to his baby sister (who is still a bun in her momma's belly), it makes me giggle and laugh so much.

Molly shared what was on her heart.

I loved Katie's mommy & daughter, daughter photos! Adorable.

Mandy's blog got a new, simple blog design (done by her husband). *loves* -- especially with her new post on being a tattooed momma!

Oh, and Jess + Rene's sweet blog that I came across the other night! :)

I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend!
My Saturday has been filled with a trip to pick up a grill (that I couldn't help Nathan carry), getting food + some coffee (yippie), all his friends coming over ... and more friends ... and more! Ha. I loved it! I just kept having to make more burger patties! -- Then we looked at funny & CRAZY videos on YouTube. :) It has been a pretty swell evening.

much love, friends!

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