Oh, how the tables can turn ...


Hey there. 
Do you ever have those days that you wish you could relive?
I do. Today was one of them.
Nothing exciting happened, but it was wonderful.

I got contacts for the first time in over a year, spent time with my family, & had dinner with a sweet friend. 
Plus, I got to snap some quick photos of my "blacker" hair, favorite red shades (only $1), and trimmed bangs.

I was also reminded that even the smallest of things can disrupt a wonderful day.
I choose NOT to allow that to happen.
I'm learning that you can not always change circumstance or people.
So, there comes a point where you accept it, move past it, pray, and let things fall where they may.
Don't stop being happy.
Never let anything or anyone ruin your day.
Life is too short, friends. 

I hope today was lovely for you.
Remember to always find the good in every day your given!
much love.


  1. Thanks for visiting Live Laugh Rowe today :) Have fun working on your jewelry organization. Have a great weekend! Newest Follower. Yay.

    Kelly @ Live Laugh Rowe

    1. AW. :) I loved this.
      Thanks for stopping by as well & joining my blog.
      It makes me oh-so happy!
      I look forward to more of your DIY projects. So much fun. :)
      much love.