Just a quick hello + a couple photos!


Hello, hello!
That was me on my way to work.
It was so nice to fix my hair, put on some makeup, and dress all fancy-like. ;)
I rarely do that for work so it was nice.
It was kind of funny to see everyone's reaction because I normally look like a bum.

Today was another good day.
I'm so grateful for them.
As soon as I got off work, I got to spend dinner with an old friend.
We work together now, but have known each other FOREVER
Nathan got to stop by for a few minutes on his way home from work.
He was so tired.
Bless his heart.
He is so sweet, though, to spend even a few short minutes with me. :)
I'm so glad I have a keeper!

So, now its off to bed especially since I am losing an hour of sleep. :/ BOO!
I'm attempting to wake up at 7am to exercise and have enough time to get to work by 9am. 
I pray that I actually do that and NOT decide to sleep in longer!
& after my long day at work I get to spend the rest of the evening with Nathan. 
Lucky girl. I know. ;)

PS. This is random, but I could live off just the smell of coffee alone. Maybe they should make a perfume that smells like it. Or I could take coffee beans with me everywhere I go.
You are probably laughing.
That's ok. :)
But, really, I'm serious!

This was me right before leaving work. 
I'm loving my new bangs!

I hope you all had a lovely Saturday!
much love, colie.


  1. I LOVE the smell of coffee beans too! MMm!

    1. :) ... they truly are the BEST!!
      Some people may not like to DRINK coffee, but I have no clue how they don't love the SMELL of it!
      It's kinda pure awesome-ness. ;)

  2. ahh! your hair really is super duper cute!

    happy monday to you friend!

    1. AW! & you are super duper sweet!! :)
      Thanks for making my day even better!
      much love.

  3. I love the smell of coffee beans and love coffee too lol

  4. You really do suit the bangs (or fringe as we brits say :) And it may seem random, but last week I saw a simple decoration idea using coffee beans and tea light candles which you may like, especially as the warmth from the candles brings out the aroma of the beans: http://pinterest.com/pin/165085142560661654/

    1. Aw! Thanks for the sweet words. :) 

      Fringe, eh?! -- I might try that out here. I'm sure no one will have a clue about what I mean, but that will make it all the more entertaining! ;)
GOODNESS! such a cute idea with the coffee beans + tea lights!
I loved it! -- I think I may try that out soon.
I prefer coffee beans over the smell of ANY candle, to be honest.