Are the odds in your favor?! ;)


The Hunger Games.
Where to begin?
No, seriously. Where to begin??

Sometimes I hate how novels can take over my life.
It happens frequently. :/
This has definitely been no exception, I'm afraid. 
So, I must start off by saying that if you have not read the books then you probably don't want to go past this point. -- Of course, unless you have now seen the movie.
But, if you HAVEN'T read them, then you need to be slapped. 
I'm sorry. I'm only being honest. ;)

Now I must say that I am happy that I didn't read Book 1, again, before seeing the movie last night! 
I already had a preconceived notion about how my expectations would NOT be met.
However, once I was able to let go of the reality that every aspect of the novel could not be fit into the movie, I was able to except it a little more. 

Into the first 15-20 minutes, they have the reaping in District 12.
Now let me tell you all that I obviously knew what was going to happen.
I knew the crazy, Effie Trinket would pull out a single piece of paper from the "girls" bowl, which contained Primrose Everdeen's name on it.
I KNEW that Katniss would volunteer as tribute.
I did NOT know how strongly I would be effected by her response.
Which seems silly since I was in utter shock and sadness when I first read it so long ago.
But after Effie calls Prim's name, and she walks off tucking in her "tail", everything is silent. 
So still.
I sat in the theater chair just bracing myself.
And then ... the blood wrenching scream "I volunteer. I volunteer as tribute."
I was a goner.

So, I was in trouble from the very beginning.
I should have known better. ;)

ALSO! Can we please take a moment to talk about Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark.
 Now I really like Josh Hutcherson.
I think he is a cute guy and has played some really decent roles, especially for his age.
BUT!!! I must say that I was EXTREMELY worried about his role as Peeta.
I honestly wasn't sure if he could pull it off.
With that being said, I went into the movie thinking I would very much dislike him as Peeta.
However, I'm not sure at what point -- maybe the way he looked at her the whole freakin' movie, maybe when it flashed back to him throwing the burnt bread to her when she was about to starve in the freezing cold, maybe when he screamed at her to run when she was hallucinating from the tracker jacker stings, maybe when he told her that he had always noticed her, maybe when he held her in the cave, maybe when they kissed and you knew that he gave his all because it wasn't just an act for him, maybe ... just maybe when he was willing to DIE for her because the rules changed and said there truly could be only ONE victor! 

    I just stopped worrying
 about who was playing him and started focusing on the Peeta I knew from the books. & then at some point Josh just shined through as Peeta, for me. 
  I'm pretty sure I became even more
 in love with a fictional character than ever before.  
This is sad. I know.
But please ... just let me have my moment. ;)

I can say without a doubt that I loved everyone else who played each character.

Rue. Sweet, sweet Rue.
Another tearjerker moment people!
Ugh. But I was so mad when she died. 
I just wanted to punch President Snow out.
Which is quite a shame considering I like Donald Sutherland as an actor! ;)

Aw ... and Katniss.
I'm telling you all ... Jennifer Lawrence is phenomenal!!!
I truly couldn't picture another actor to play the part.
For me, she was so invested in the character. 
I didn't doubt her for a moment!

That is all for now.
I just want to take this time to apologize for my full length novel. ;)
Please do yourself a favor and read the books or at the very least, go watch the movie!

Happy Hunger Games! 


  1. i finally got to see it last night! and your recap was basically exactly how i felt. I cried when katniss volunteered even though i knew it was happening! and i was also SO worried about peeta. i am hardcore team peeta all the way through the books, but movie peeta made me even more team peeta.

    good recap! great movie!

    1. YAY! I'm so glad you got to see it! **I actually almost went after work tonight to watch it with a friend. I decided against it because I plan to read Book 1 this time & then go see it. Probably a bad idea, still, but I can't help myself. ;)
      & thanks so much. I'm glad you felt the same.
      It is quite interesting to see how everyone felt about the movie vs the book.
      The responses I've heard are all over the map!
      Anyways, have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  2. I loved The Hunger Games SO much! I'm obsessed with the whole story. I recently had Peeta's last line from Mockingjay tattooed on my arm. It still gives me goosebumps when I read it!