Six years.


The other day, I was driving in my car, when The Fray came on the radio.
Remember the song, "You Found Me"?
Well, if you don't then I'm about to refresh your memory. ;)
The first thing I thought of was the show 'LOST'.
They used that song for the Season 6 promo.

So, I woke up this morning and decided to watch it.
Goodness, I have missed that show!
I'm serious.
Many of us, including myself, could say that it didn't end the best after being devoted to it for six years.
However, the story was absolutely amazing!
I watched the music video and found myself rooting for them all over again, wanting to tear up because I knew the outcome, and happy knowing that Benjamin Linus wasn't as bad as he was in the beginning. 
Yes, yes ... it may be a bit much.
I'm sorry.
The same thing happens when I read an amazing book or see a great movie.
I kind of get wrapped up into their reality & feel like I know all the characters personally.
Sad, but so very true. 

Do you see what I mean?!
During that six year journey, we were all just as 'lost' as the characters.
I think that is what kept us rushing home from work or school each week to see what happened.
So, basically I think that there should be some kind of weekly 'LOST', "re-watch all the seasons", because it is so awesome thing going on!
Who is with me?! ;)

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