Email Issues.


Good morning!
So, I have been meaning to tell everyone that my email for this blog has changed.
That obviously should have been said weeks ago.
Gmail is awesome because they definitely want to protect your privacy.
So, I go and put all this crazy privacy stuff on my account.
When I would go to log in, my phone would be sent a verification number to access that I was who I said I was.
Well, I changed phone numbers a few weeks back.
And I completely forgot to log into my account before hand and change it.
So, it has been a crazy process to get it all taken care of and changed.

I just wanted to apologize to anyone who has emailed me.
I promise I wasn't being a jerk!
I just couldn't get to it. :/

I put the new email in my "Contact" tab above.
It is:

I hope your week has started off on a good note!


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