Happy Valentine's Day.


My, oh my.
Yesterday was wonderful!
**I had to work today, so it was nice to pile a lot of fun into one day. ;)

Nathan stopped by in the morning.
I open the door to find flowers & coffee!
Aw. He knows the way to my heart. ;)

We got to chat with my mom and sisters a bit.
I also forced them to take photos outside with me.
I am glad they did. I'm not so sure that they are just yet.
It was very cold.

The afternoon called for lunch and a nap!
By late afternoon, the last bit of snow had fallen.
Always sad because that first day of snowfall is always so beautiful!

After all that, we went to visit with Jordan, Tyler, & the boys for a couple of hours.
It was filled with snow balls, laughter, popcorn, and a fierce game of Phase 10!!

**Disclaimer: If you have not played that card game, then DON'T! It makes you angry when someone is a couple phases ahead of you. I promise. It really will. I'm telling you all this for your own good. You can thank me later. 

Nathan & I then headed to our crappy theater in town to watch 'The Vow'.
You should all know that I did NOT shed any tears.
Well, any "visible" tears.
My eyes stayed watered through most of the movie, though.

PS: I had the one of the WORST shifts in the pharmacy tonight.
I didn't expect to see Nathan at all.
But, being the sweetest guy around, he surprises me with those lovely flowers and coffee (right up there)!
I am one lucky gal. ;) 

Happy Valentine's Day!
No matter how it was spent - with a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, friends, siblings, or parents - I hope it was filled with love. 
Oh ... & lots of hugs. ;)

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