Oh, the choices! :D


When I was in jr high and high school, I would hardly EVER wear a dress.
I did not like them at all.
Life is a funny thing, though.
The older I get, the more I realize this simple fact.
Because now I absolutely LOVE dresses!! :)
I would wear them all the time, during every season, if I could.
Sadly, I can't, but any time I get the chance to try one on, it makes me so happy!
Last weekend I got to go to Target and boy-oh-boy they had some cute dresses.
**seriously, they did. Go see. & then buy one, or maybe two. ;)

Ok, ok ... so I tried on these three:

& to be honest ...
I wanted ALL three of them. 
I really did. 
Cute, right?! -- not necessarily cheap though. 
$25 + tax a pop! Geez.
In the end, the price counts folks.
--> This is why vintage clothing found at consignment shops suit me better. ;)

I saw this dress on the rack and INSTANTLY fell in love. 
I'm serious.
Sparks flew, people.
It is simple and I loved it!!
However, there was only one left and it was a size large.
It didn't fit well, so it was a no-go! :(

So, then I tried on this lovely.
Aw. -- I tell ya, I didn't really think it was all that cute on the rack.
It was kinda like, "Ah. It might work. I'll give it a try."
I tired it on and guess what?
I loved it, of course. ;)
The color is so pretty & the polka dots were actually a lot of fun.
The ONLY reason I didn't choose this one was because I would have to wear a strapless bra with it.
I hate those things. :/
However, I guess I could have bought a cute cardigan to go over it.
A girl can never have too many cardigan's! ;)

Finally, after much debate with myself, I decided on this one:

I absolutely love the colors!
It is so much fun & definitely a dress for Spring time, folks.
**hint, hint ... meaning Spring needs to get here. Fast. -- or NOW! ;)
The best part about this dress was that it was comfortable!!
I didn't feel like I had to fix anything about it.
I wasn't too big or too tight! 
It was just about perfect for me. :)

I hope you all enjoyed my silly adventure in trying to find a dress. 
Now go drink some coffee, snuggle up in a blanket, and read a book before starting your day! I promise it will make you happy. :)

Happy, Happy Friday!
much love.

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