Adventure Day, Part 1


Well, lovely people, I had the day off of work!
*jumped for joy*
I originally had to work, but got my schedule switched around so that I could have today off & then work this coming Friday! :)
The weather was in the low 70's and boy-oh-boy was it nice!
So, we decided to head outside and see what adventures we could get into.
I took a ton of photos so I am breaking them into two posts.
This was the first part of our day:

Nathan has been wanting to ride the four-wheeler for weeks now!
He finally got me on one & we had a blast. :)

I just want to say that it stayed cloudy the whole time we rode the four-wheeler.
Then as soon as we got off, ran inside to use the restroom, and went back out ... it was SUNNY!
Anyways, then we decided to make our way over to Hardy.
I can't believe I have never been there before.
It was a cute little town with some lovely shops. :)

The day was filled with red sunglasses, hoodies, smiles, windblown hair, candy, ice cream, fancy old digs, and a hazelnut latte that tasted like a cappuccino, creepy alleyways, quotes, mirror photos, jokes, shoes, a closed bookstore *tear*, and hand holding. :)

I'll have Part 2 of our adventure up tomorrow!
I hope you all had a happy Wednesday!
much love.

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  1. o wow were did yall go i love 4 wheeler riding its so much fun o m i country or what lol