Thank you, John Lennon.


This morning, as I do almost every morning, received my Charlie mail.
You don't know what Charlie mail is??
Aw. Well, don't fret.
Head over here & see what it is all about!
You could be a 'Charlie' too! :)

Anyhoo, so I opened my mail and was so happy to find this photo + quote:

Of course, I have seen it before.
I've read the quote from the famous John Lennon...
& yet I forget something so simple. 

My life isn't perfect, but it is mine.
I work with what I have and try my best to change the things that bring me down.
Life is good.
It is even better when you live it happy.
So live it happy, friends. 

much love,


  1. John Lennon is one of my favorite humans ever. I have "Imagine" tattooed on my back, and to me, he does no wrong. So nice to see someone posting a quote/picture, especially since it's a great quote.

    Also, new follower and I LOVE your blog! So glad I found you! :)

    xoxo Amber

    1. Aw. YAY! That is great. I hope to get another tattoo in the coming months ... it won't be a Beatles tattoo, but that would be something to think about in the future!
      & I hope you enjoy this little space of mine and decide to stick around awhile. :)
      much love,