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I thought I would share some oh-so interesting information about myself.
*dosed with sarcasm, becauuse it's more funny, than interesting!!* ;)

-No matter what, I have to put lotion on my feet EVERYDAY!
-I hate actual cherries, but my favorite pie is cherry pie.
I also hate the taste of watermelon, but anything flavored watermelon is the BEST!
-The radio or tv volume must be on an even number.
-If I have plans to go to work or anywhere else, I must wake up 2 hours before I have to be there.
-I can have up to 20 dreams in one night, and not remember any of them.
-I think about cutting my hair daily. Then, I'm reminded that my teenage sister said she would shave me bald if I did. ha. (This is due to the fact that I cut it every year and hate it every time!!)
-I used to love Twilight. Now I don't.
I also don't plan on watching the rest of the movies.
-I pretend that I am a professional singer. 
In my room. 
-I prefer ice water in a cup, rather than a glass.
-Sometimes I like listening to sad music or watching sad movies when I'm down and out. They actually make me feel better?? 
(Strange. I know.)
-I will always read the book before the movie, expect for The Lord of the Rings. I just couldn't get through it! :/
-I am addicted to those Girl Scout thin mint cookies. Its bad ... really bad.
-There are times that I randomly want to break out into dance. 
I don't...which is me doing everyone a favor!
-People think I'm lying to them when I say I am about to be 25. They think I'm 18. Sometimes I wind up agreeing so that I can feel "young" again. ;)
-Oh, and I wish everyone had a nickname. I just like them so much more than "real" names. I don't know why. It's just my thing, I suppose.

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!
much love,


  1. YOU ARE SO PRETTY AND ADORABLE. There. I said it.

    1. AWWW!!!
      Yikes. I wanna hug you!
      There. I said it! ;)
      much love, sweet friend!!

  2. ummm yes I cut my hair like every 2 years and end up kicking myself for it. I have a hair appointment friday but I'm cancelling it because I must persevere through the awkward stage!!! I love this post ;)

    1. Haley!! Yes, Yes ... stay away from the salon.
      The awkward stage is the worst ... but you will love it when it's long again.
      At least that is what I'm telling myself.
      We should be "let's grow our hair long together friends" ... what do you say? ;) ha.
      much love.

  3. this was fun! Oh lord, I'm doing good to wake up 45 minutes before I have to be somewhere, I dont think I could do the 2 hours. ha! Although I should work on that because I tend to be late. Also, I randomly have the urge to break out into a dance, but only do it in front of the people that know I am a nut, I save everyone else from witnessing that. lol

    1. 1. I just realized I forgot to text you earlier today! Oops!!!
      2. Thank ya! I am so glad you enjoyed my silly post.
      3. I'm just a weirdo for waking up early! ;)
      4. We should just bust out in dance one day ... in front of people we don't know, just for the fun of it!! :D -- I couldn't, though. I'm a chicken, but I'd watch you!! ;)

      much love, sister!

  4. I like this list. Especially the hair one! Whenever I cut my hair into layers or bangs I always end up hating it so now I just have longish hair that is so heavy it just flattens the top out.

    Amanda Rose

    1. Ah. :(
      My hair is a pain in the butt, as well.
      It's naturally curly, but sometimes it is just a frizz ball. The bottom half is super thick and the top isn't. So its more flat on top for me, as well. :/
      I do love bangs, but they grow so stinking fast that I feel like they are just pointless.

      Anyways, I hope you have a lovely day!
      much love,