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Well, this week flew by for me.
I'm so happy it is the weekend & I am off of work!
Though, next week will be a different story, I'm afraid.
Anyhoo, I have plans to run to town this afternoon and get my momma her Mother's Day gift! 
Yay! So fun.
Before I get ready to jet off & do that, I wanted to leave you all with some posts that have inspired, encouraged, and gave me few laughs this past week!

So, without further ado:

When Lauren plays matchmaker to the stars you better believe your in for treat ... & a bunch of laughs!

Haley is so lovely. She is someone I would love to know more. This post brought a sweet smile to my face.

Please do yourself a favor & check out Gentri Lee's trip to the Breathing Blogger Retreat here and here. Plus, more fun with instagram photos here.

Before stopping in Amsterdam, Nicole shares a few snapshots of Seville! So gorgeous!!

Katie never fails at bringing a smile to my face, and this post was no different. :)

Do you remember?

For someone who has struggled on and off her whole life with her weight, this post was most encouraging!!

When the girls shared photos of their Bali trip I just swooned over them all!
(Part 1 & 2 can be found here and here)

Molly & her mom are as cute as buttons, I tell ya! :)

I adore this lady & I love this outfit post! -- I hope she does more of them. ;)

If you haven't heard about The Influence Conference, then please do yourself a favor and read about it on Casey's blog!! 

Happy weekend, friends!! 
& Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely momma's or soon-to-be. 
much love.


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    1. Aw!! Thanks, Heidi!
      I love hearing all about sun tans from you!! ;)
      much love.

  2. Thank you for the links!

    Amanda Rose

    1. Of course!! I love that I get to read up on all those wonderful blog posts!
      It just makes sense to share them with everyone else. ;)
      much love.