Ruts are no fun.


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Hey there. 
Could I be honest with you for just a moment?
 Here it goes:

My life is a mess.
I do not have it all together, despite how it may seem on this little blog of mine at times.
I am just as broken, lost, flawed, and imperfect as everyone else. 
I beat myself down more than anyone I know.
I run from people who mean the most to me, because I feel like I can conquer my struggles alone.
I guess I don't want to drag them through the dirt, so to speak.
Some days, I am so happy and bubbly on the outside, but feel so hurt and sad on the inside.
I become overwhelmed with stress & worry

I don't like it.
Who would?
But I feel those things...
not everyday, but more often than I'd like. 

In spite of all that, I know that I have hope.
I have been given a promise by my sweet Father.
I am learning to love myself more through His love and grace.
I'm learning patience.
In all that I am also searching for healing.
It's taking a bit longer than I'd hoped, but I'm getting there.
Slowly, but surely.

Life really is a beautiful gift.

PS. Through this season, God is blessing me with wonderful friendships.
It has given me great encouragement just to know such strong & caring women.
For that, I would really love to hear what is going on in your lives.
Whether that be commenting below or shooting me an email.
& no matter how small it may seem, I'd love to hear about it!

as always, much love.


  1. Well, in the past 6 months, I watched my mom and dad suffer and be taken from this earth, from cancer. How do you go about existing when life is riped out from under you. My parents will never get to be there watching my babies grow up. I have too many visions in my head from seeing them suffer, amd its so impossible to get them out. Praying is really all I can do at this point. I know that I am at the lowest point in my life and I am doing everything I can to dig my way up!

    1. Sweet, sweet Carolyn.
      I remember reading about the past few months on your blog.
      It brought me to tears hearing it again. :'(
      If I could jump up, get on a plane, fly to where you are, and give you the BIGGEST hug & pray words of encouragement to you ... or just listen, I would.
      I truly, truly would!
      I may not be able to relate, but believe me when I say that my heart breaks for you.
      I know that you are going to be on my heart this week. I can already feel it.
      & I pray that God warms His arms around you so tightly that you can't help but be overcome by HIS presence.
      sending you lots & lots of love, sweet friend.

    2. PS. Would you mind sending me an email to: ??
      I was planning on sending you a message, but didn't see any contact info on your blog.
      I would love to chat more.

  2. I love your paragraph above about God. I love hearing posts about God. This season, I'm becoming closer to God than I ever had before. I got chills in church this Sunday (my second time going in two years) and I can't wait to see where he takes me. Your faith is inspirational.

    Amanda Rose

    1. Aw! That is so wonderful to hear. Truly.
      It brought a smile to my facing knowing that God is becoming a closer part of your life. :)
      I'm so excited to hear about this new chapter opening up for you and please keep me posted!
      Thanks for the sweet words.
      much love, friend.

  3. I absolutely love your blog and I hope your rut ends soon. :)
    Have a great week!

    1. Aw, you are a doll! :)
      Thank you so much.
      I also adore your blog, so the feeling is quite mutual!!
      I loved reading all about your adventures.
      You have a wonderful week, as well!
      much love, friend.