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So, I'm not sure where this week went!
It just FLEW by for me. 
Because of that I barely had time to read blog posts or find any new favorites.
I just wanted to share a quick few that made me smile.

I adore everything in this Etsy shop! Eek. 
It is so perfect for sweet, little birthday gifts. *wink, wink*

I got all giddy over Kelli's blog!
It's a dream.

Recently I am obsessed with this blog & this one!! :)
They are good, I tell ya. 

I know this post is extremely short this week, but next week I will have time to add more.
Before I jet off I want to share something that made me oh-so excited.
Don Naylor is the guy who designed my blog.
Everyone knows I was over the moon about it, and still am!
Well, not only does he blog here, but about a month or so ago he finally got his website up and going!
It can be found at, with his web designs, which features 'The Plaid Sparrow'.
Please do yourself a favor and check him out.
He is awesome!!

Happy weekend, friends.
Soak up the sun.
much love,


  1. I'm off to check out those blogs now. You are one of my new favs!

    Amanda Rose

    1. Aww!! You are a doll.
      I just got home from a long evening at work & this comment brought a huge smile to my face!!
      Thanks soo much! :)

      & I hope you enjoy the blogs as much as I do!
      They are wonderful.
      much love, sweet friend.

  2. i love the picture of you colie! you're so beautiful and i miss you :(

    1. AWW!! B.Craw!!
      It took me a moment to figure out who it was...but then I looked at your photo!!!
      Goodness, I miss you too.
      This comment brought a HUGE smile to my face. :D
      You are beautiful too, lady!!
      One day we will have B.Craw and Colie night again... ONE DAY! ;)
      love you!